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Owen Shroyer Net Worth, Wife, and Bio

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A renowned reporter and political activist from America, Owen Shroyer

You must be familiar with the name Owen Shroyer if you are into conspiracy theories and political views. He is one prominent name in the industry that has got solid political beliefs and shares it fearlessly. Owen has presented his political views and has been hosting on different radio programs and shows. The guy is a big package with numerous accolades in his name, and we want you to know him better. Hence, we have covered his exclusive details like net worth, wife, and family details, and you should definitely read it.

Who is Owen Shroyer? Early life and Bio

Owen Shroyer can be introduced as a renowned reporter and political activist from America. He has several accolades in his name, and we will reveal them all down below; just bear with us for some time. Now moving on to the activist’s age and early life, he is just running in his 32. He was born in St Louis in the year 1989. Despite his young age, he has accomplished many things in his life. The reporter went to Missouri University for his Psychology and Media studies. Moreover, very little is known about his early life and childhood. We know that he was born and raised in St. Louis, but we don’t know his parents’ identities.

Owen Shroyer Career

Like many of us know, Owen is a commentator who has firm political beliefs as well. He states that Boston Marathon Bombing was the turning point of his life, leading him to his alt-right political views. After the Bombing incident, Owen started his own YouTube channel and regularly posted videos regarding conspiracies that supported the Clinton family.

Later, he worked as a reporter and guest presenter for the Infowars Network Company, where he deliberately raised his voice about his political beliefs. Not only that, but the guy has also worked for the radio program on KXFN and became a commentator on KFNS in his hometown. Furthermore, he is the biggest supporter of Donald Trump, and due to his few words in the 2016 presidential run, he had even been banned from YouTube and Facebook.

Furthermore, he has more than ten self-credits, according to his IMDb profile. It states that he is featured in the documentary You Can’t Watch This, TV series, The Jesse Lee Peterson ShowWar Room, and The Alex Jones Show. In addition, you can also see him on short videos named The Democrats Are Losing Momentum: Mike Cernovich, The FBI is the Enemy of the American People: Mike Cernovich on the IG Report, and many more.

Reporter, Owen Shroyer looking bold in suit

A renowned reporter and political activist from America, Owen Shroyer

Net Worth and Salary

Even at the age of 32, Owen has earned a lucrative amount from his career. He has a YouTube channel named Savage Facts consisting of more than 60.1k subscribers and 6.3 million views. Hence, he generates around $2.8k to $3.8k per month, which means he only earns $20.9k to $45.7k per year from his YouTube.

Furthermore, the reporter has many more income sources besides his YouTube. Being a political activist, commentator, and reporter has also earned him a fortune. Hence, his income and earnings altogether have been estimated to be more than $2 million. He indeed lives a modest life with his career income.

Owen Shroyer is married to Autumn Klein.

Owen’s love life is worth mentioning, so come along with us and read further. The guy has a great romantic life with his wife, Autumn Klein. Many of you might not believe that he’s married, but he is. He married his long-time girlfriend in 2013 and is a true family man.

Unfortunately, he has never mentioned how his love story began. But let us tell you an interesting fact to compensate for this; he is already a father of two children. We must appreciate how he has balanced his professional life and personal life so well at such a young age. However, the father of two is always private when it comes to his family members. He probably wants his children and wife to be out of public attention.

Owen Shroyer with his wife, Autumn Klein

Reporter Owen Shroyer and his wife, Autumn Klein

Owen Shroyer is the host of InfoWars.

If you’ve come this far in this article, you should also know that Owen is the host of InfoWars. Now, if you don’t know what InfoWars is, it is an American far-right conspiracy theory and fake news website. The site was founded in the year 1999, and it operated under Free Speech Systems LLC. Also, the site receives more than 10 million visits per month. While Alex Jones is the lead host and operator of the show, Owen is a reporter.

He has gathered massive public attention for being the reporter of the show. CN presenter Van Jones once stopped him in the streets of Cleveland, and they had an on-camera debate. Moreover, in 2017, when he questioned a girl in the pro-immigrant rally in Austin, he was called an “F****** Idiot,” which led him to international coverage.

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