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Paige Dumars Wikipedia: Age, Height, and Gender

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Facts about Paige Dumars age, height and wiki

In today’s society, an ideal female figure should be thin, hourglass-shaped, with thick long hair and a lovely face adorned with plenty of cosmetics. On the other hand, Paige Dumars is a lady who defies the world’s concept of a woman. She is a bodybuilder who has worked hard to break down all forms of gender preconceptions.

And, while doing so, she has also been the subject of controversy, and the limelight is following her everywhere. While many people look up to her as an inspiration, many even make fun of her. Now, why not know Paige a little better by learning some of her bio details like her body measurements, age, and gender?

Paige Dumars Age and Date of Birth

According to the source, Paige Dumars celebrates her birthday on 7th November every year, and her age is 24 years old. Likewise, she was born in the year 1997. Moreover, the bodybuilder is quite skeptical when it comes to sharing her personal life details in public. So due to this reason, we are not sure about her parents and siblings.

Is Paige Dumars Transgender?

No, Miss Dumars is not a transgender person. Her massive build has brought many questions to the public’s mind. As she appears quite different from other women and has established a masculine body, people have started to think if she is transgender. So, to clear this out, Paige is not transgender and is a confident woman who believes men and women to be equal.

However, according to her Facebook post in October, she talks about how she has accepted herself and how much she has changed since coming out as a lesbian.

Paige Dumars is not a transgender
Paige Dumars

Paige Dumars Wikipedia

Though Dumars is yet to be featured on the Wikipedia platform, this article, on the other hand, provides brief information about her bio details. She is a young bodybuilder and a fitness coach who has been an inspiration to thousands of women around the world. Highlighting her personal information, she holds a Russian nationality as she was born and raised in Idaho, Moscow. Paige earned her graduate degree from the University of Idaho, but we do not know about her major and minor subjects. Apart from this, not much of her early life details are available on the web.

Furthermore, there has been no news of Paige Dumars having a partner or dating life until now.

Paige Dumars Height and Weight

Miss Dumar’s physical characteristics might appeal to anyone. Especially after knowing that she is a girl, people cannot help but ask for her body measurements. So, according to the source, the bodybuilder stands at the height of 5 feet and 3 inches. Likewise, according to her latest Instagram posting, Paige updated her followers that her current body mass is 198lbs, i.e., 89 kgs. So, it would not be unfair to argue that Paige’s macho and enormous build has even thrived on being achieved by the majority of males.

Paige Dumar height and weight
An idea figured women, Paige Dumar

Social Media Activities

The bodybuilder’s social media presence is highly monitored after her vast body transformation. As people are searching for her on various social media handles, she is most active on Instagram and on Facebook. Paige is present on Instagram under the username @paigedumars. She has made more than 2k posts until now and has gathered 59.8k followers on her account.

Usually, her posts on the platform feature her extraordinary massive build and also some workout posts. Similarly, on Facebook, she is present as Paige DuMars. Moreover, one can also see her exclusive content by subscribing to her on her Onlyfans account.

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