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 Paige Fertitta (Tilman Fertitta Wife) Age, Net Worth, Wedding.

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Image of the wife of the Billionaire Tilman Fertitta,  Paige Fertitta

Paige Fertitta is the wife of a Billionaire, and she is the mother of four future heirs. Let’s take a deeper look at how she established a reputation for herself by marrying a well-known businessman.

Who is Paige Fertitta? Age.

Paige Fertitta is the amazing wife of the business tycoon Tilman Fertitta. He is the founder of Landry’s Inc and has many other succeeding ventures. Despite being the wife of the most potent entrepreneurs, she still has managed to earn a separate fan base with her deeds towards society. She is a philanthropist and a member of Fay School, the First Baptist Academy. In addition, the charming wife hosts the annual ball for the children cancer center.

The 62 years old brilliant Paige Fertita celebrates her birthday on December 17. Apart from raising funds and helping the community, she is just like a regular mom, running around her children and turning fashion magazines for inspiration. Her style is simple yet elegant. A basic white tee with statement bags is her thing.

Wedding and Married life with her husband, Tilman Fertitta.

The third time became a charm for Tilman Fertitta as he got rejected twice when he bends the knee to marry the woman of his dream. It’s still unknown how the couple met for the first time, but it is no secret that Mrs. Fertita was not an average woman. Finally, after pursuing her for a long time, the sweet couple shared their vows on November 2, 1991.

Image of the wife of the Billionaire Tilman Fertitta,  Paige Fertitta and husband
The wife of the Billionaire Tilman Fertitta, Paige Fertitta

The pair seem to be deeply bonded after spending more than two decades together. Along with their all-grown-up children, they are often in public affairs together. Tilman Fertitta is all ready to take over the NBA association as one of the bigshot owners, and his wife is right by his side, being his ultimate support system.

Paige Fertitta Kids with Tilman Fertitta.

 The couple had their first child, Michael, after four years of their marriage, followed by Patrick and Blake. Later gave birth to Blayne; altogether, the couple is blessed with three sons and a daughter.

Tilman wants his children to grow into responsible adults and make sure they know the value of the hardwork as he plans to leave them all of his fortunes someday. Two of his elder sons are already following his path as the directors of the Houston Rockets. His daughter just graduated in 2020, as he posted about it in his Instagram like a proud father. You can find him on @tilmanfertitta.

Image of the wife of the Billionaire Tilman Fertitta,  Paige Fertitta and family
The famous billionaire Tilman Fertitta with his wife, Paige Fertitta, and four children

Early Life, Education, and Parents.

 Paige Fertitta was born in River Oaks, Texas. She is Neil’s younger sister and the only daughter of Mary Jo Farwell and Charles Henry. Her father was an army who served at 78th Anti-aircraft Artillery, and he passed away in November 8, 2011.

Similarly, her mother graduated from Southeastern college and worked as a teacher and in the transcontinental gas pipeline. Unfortunately, she had a tragic death in January 2014 from depression.

Paige Fertitta and Tilman Fertitta Net Worth and house.

Paige Fertitta believes in giving back to society; therefore, she is mainly seen at fundraising events rather than being connected with any profit organization. In the other hand, her husband is a billionaire. He owns many casinos, private jet, and yatch. The well-off couple currently lives in a mansion in Houston, Texas.

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