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Paul LaVine (Zach LaVine Father), Net Worth, Wife, and Biography

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Zach LaVine Father, Paul Lavine

While there are many celebrity kids, very few parents get the opportunity to be known by their children’s names. Paul LaVine is one such lucky father who is now in the limelight, all thanks to his son Zach. Zach is an NBA-based basketball player. Now let’s explore all about the famous father and find out his net worth and wife too.

Who is Paul LaVine? Age and Biography

Paul La Vine is a celebrity parent who is known for being the father of NBA player Zach LaVine. It is not only Zach who is an incredible athlete; the athletic blood runs in the LaVine family. As per a portal, Mr. Lavine was a professional football player who served in the United States Football League (USFL) and National Football League (NFL). Similarly, his wife Cheryl is a former softball player.

Now focusing on LaVine’s early life details, we do not have much information about him. We also do not know the exact age, but we assume he must be a man in his late 50s.

Zach LaVine with his parents
Zach LaVine with his parents, Paul Lavine and Cheryl

Net worth and Salary

The information about Paul’s net worth and earnings in 2021 is off the records. But, we hope he has been living a fulfilling life. Nonetheless, his athlete son Zach, on the other hand, is earning a handsome sum from his accomplished NBA career. According to the source, the basketball player has accumulated a net worth of approximately $3million. He has even added a beautiful mansion to his asset. The villa is 8000 sq. ft. and is located in Lakeview, Chicago.

Who is Paul LaVine Better Half?

Mr. LaVine’s better half goes by the name of Cheryl Johnson LaVine. The pair dated for several years before they got married. The pair share an extraordinary bond of love and commitment, and this affection is seen in the couple’s children as well. Though we do not have the exact details of their married, we are confident to say that they have been married for more than two decades nows. Likewise, Paul and Cheryl’s love brought four beautiful lives on Earth. The couple is blessed with three daughters; Linda Carter, Chandi Leishman, and Camryn LaVine, and a son Zach LaVine.

Paul Lavine with his wife, Cheryl Johnson LaVine
Paul Lavine and his wife, Cheryl Johnson LaVine

Paul LaVine had Played for the Seattle Seahawks During 1987

Zach’s father was an excellent athlete during his time. Along with being a professional footballer, Paul also served the Seattle Seahawks during 1987. He played as a replacement linebacker player for the team. Prior to that, he was serving his team at Portland Breakers.

Paul LaVine Son, Zach LaVine

Born as Zachary Thomas LaVine to parents Paul LaVine and Cheryl Johnson Lavine, Zach is 26 years old. He was born in the year 1995, and his birthday falls on March 10 every year. Zach endures a mixed ethnicity as his father is an Afro-American while his mother is a Caucasian. Furthermore, Paul’s son is a famous basketball player who has been serving as a shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls of the NBA. The athlete began his professional career at only 19 years and had been making his parents proud since a young age.

Image of NBA player, Zach LaVine
NBA player, Zach LaVine

Paul LaVine Revealed that Zach’s Aim was to be an NBA Star

Zach’s parents have always been his greatest supporter. When in his fourth grade, Zach was once asked about his aim. In response to the question, Zach answered that he wanted to be an NBA star after growing up. But his teacher asked him to be more practical and write a realistic answer. The next day, Zach’s parents went to the school and talked to the teacher and said, “if being an NBA star is my son’s dream, dont mess it up.” So, from this, too, we can predict the amount of support he got from his family.

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