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Paula Andrea Bongino (Dan Bongino Wife) Net worth, Age

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Image of the wife of political commentator and radio host Dan Bongino,Paula Andrea Bongino

Paula Andrea Bongino is a popular celebrity wife. She is married to the political commentator, politician, author, and radio show host, Daniel John Bongino, popularly known as Dan Bongino. Her life came into public interest after she got married to Dan.

However, her life before she married Dan is a private affair. Let’s learn some more about Paula Andrea Bongino and her net worth, age, and bio in this eye-catching review.

Who is Dan Bongino wife, Paula Andrea Bongino?

As mentioned earlier, Paula is Dan Bongino’s wife. Unfortunately, most of the life facts before she married Dan are not available in the public domain. However, it was revealed that Bongio is from Cali, Colombia.

The star wife runs the business with her husband Dan from her home. She manages the business that sells martial arts equipment, website designing, and security and risk management consultancy.

Paula went to Baruch College in New York City, one of the best schools in America. But, unfortunately, more information about her education is still a secret.

Since she tries to keep her life private as much as possible, most information about her life is not available. But what we have compiled here will give you the idea of her life in its best possible.

She successfully runs the business together with her husband. However, Dan is also a politician, and she looks after their business management most of the time.

Dan was a candidate for Congress from the Republican Party but could not make it. So instead, he worked in the White House closely with former President Donald Trump and is one of the die-hard supporters of Trump.

Paula Andrea Bongino is the Wife of Dan Bongino

It was an arranged date when Paula and Dan met for the first time on the blind date in 2001. Dan liked Paula from the first date and started showing caring nature towards her.

They went on their first date, and Dan was planning on the second, but the unfortunate attack of 9-11 happened that destroyed the twin towers. So they had to wait for the second date until things normalized, but Dan would keep calling Paula. He was worried about her as she worked near the twin towers. They were in a long-time dating relationship before getting married.

The couple waited a long time to bring their dating relationship to marriage. It was challenging for Dan to convince her mother that he was the perfect guy for Paula.

Her mother was against their relation in the beginning as they were from different cultures and social backgrounds. But Dan was so much into her that he never gave up trying to convince her mother and won her heart eventually.

Once they got consent from her mother, Dan took her to the same restaurant, where they had met for the first date and proposed to her. Paula immediately accepted the proposal, and they got married. She has said in many instances that she knew that he would propose to her for sure, and she was ready for it.

The couple lives happily with two daughters, Isabel (17) and Amelia (9), now as the symbol of their love.

Image of the wife of popular political commentator and radio host Dan Bongino,Paula Andrea Bongino
The popular political commentator, politician, radio host Dan Bongino with his wife, Paula Andrea Bongino, and daughters

Net worth and Income

We have no information about Paula’s exact net worth. We can assume she earns a hefty amount as a businesswoman, but the exact calculation is not available. However, it is assumed that she earns about $115,000 annually. In addition, she enjoys her husband, Dan Bongino’s net worth of about $5 Million.

Age and Date of Birth

Although she was born in Cali, Colombia, her exact date of birth is unknown. Her information detail before she married Dan is unavailable as she loves her privacy. She seems to be in her forties.


NamePaula Andrea Bongino
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of  BirthCali, Colombia
ParentsDetails Unavailable
EducationBaruch College
Religious FaithChristian

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