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Pedro Tovar (Eslabon Armado) Age, Height, and Bio

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The famous American singer and songwriter, Pedro Tovar

The famous American singer and songwriter Pedro Tovar has gained much fame at such a young age. Forming a band Eslabon Armado in 2017, with two other friends, Gabriel Hidalgo and Brian Tovar, Pedro Tovar became a huge name in the music industry in just a couple of years. Please get to know more about this musician, including his age and height details.

How Old is Pedro Tovar? Age and Early Life

This young and talented musician was born on July 22, 2002. As of 2021, Pedro Tovar is 19 years of age. Tovar was born in California, USA. Likewise, his birth sign is Cancer.

His father is Eslabon Armado, after whom the band name is formed. There is no information about Pedro’s mother on the internet. However, we know that his mother is the manager of his band.

Pedro has a younger brother named Brian Tovar. In addition, Brian is the bassist of the band as well. Likewise, Brian Tovar first saw the daylight on October 8, 2003. As of August 2021, Brian is 17 years of age.

Very little is mentioned about the early life of Pedro Tovar on the internet. Pedro does not have a Wikipedia page. As it may seem, Pedro and Brian grew up together with their parents in California. The brothers share a good bond. In fact, Pedro was an inspiration for Brian, and thus, Brian started learning bass guitar to join the band.

How Tall is Pedro Tovar?

The 19-years-old singer and songwriter Pedro stands at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Although Pedro has an average height, he’s got looks to die for. No wonder Pedro Tovar has garnered an incredible number of fans worldwide.

Pedro Tovar
The young and talented musician, Pedro Tovar

Pedro Tovar Wife and Relationship

The amazingly talented musician Pedro Tovar married his sweetheart from college. His wife is Lily Tovar. The couple went to college together. Lily and Pedro Tovar got married in the December of 2019.

The couple shares a beautiful bond. However, looking at their age, they married a little early. Wishing them a happy married life, we want nothing but their relationship to grow stronger. As we can see, many celebrities’ marriages fall apart because of their immaturity and hectic schedules. We don’t wish the same thing to happen for the young Tovar couple.

Pedro Tovar Career and Bio

Pedro’s father played a huge role in inspiring him to enter the music world. Pedro remembers how he began writing when he was just 10 years old. He mentions that his father used to listen to sierreña music. This genre of music was extremely famous in the northern parts of Mexico. It was when Pedro’s passion for music rose.

Pedro remembers how well his father would write songs, not professionally, but still, Armado did well to inspire his son. It was when Pedro started writing too.

As of now, Pedro claims that their music is their identity. They know what type of music the band is producing and explains that the music sounds good to them.

Moreover, Pedro claims their music as the traditional sierreña music, which is the product of band member’s unique talents. He considers his music a simple one.

Likewise, Pedro also mentions that watching lots of romantic movies is the reason he started writing romantic songs.

About Eslabon Armado

The name Eslabon Armado means “linked chain.” His father gave the band this name after his own name. Pedro Tovar formed this band in 2017 along with his two other friends. Pedro Tovar is the frontman and requinto guitarist of the band. Gabriel Hidalgo is the guitarist, and Brian Tovar is the bassist. These two also play the role of a harmony vocalist.

The band released their first single, Con Tus Besos, along with the music video in the late March of 2020. Although, according to Pedro, the song did not come out as expected, it hit number 21 on the list of Hot Latin Songs. Likewise, after a week, the song made it to number 16 on the list of Latin Streaming Songs.

In May 2020, the band released their set of 10 songs album called Tu Veneno Mortal. The album hit number 2 on the Regional Mexican Album chart, making it number 1 in no time. The album also made it to number 7 at the Top Latin Albums.

Followed by another video and single release called La Trokita in June, the song crossed a million views in just two weeks of release.

The band came up with another album consisting of 14 songs called Vibras de Noche in the next five months. The album made it to number 1, both on Latin Albums and Mexican Regional Albums. This album was ranked number 18 on the Top 200 list.

In the December of 2020, Gabriel Hidalgo announced that he would no longer be a part of the band. This left Eslabon Armado with just two brothers making them a duo.

As a whole, 2020 was a blessing for the band as they were able to top every list possible. Their upcoming songs and projects, no doubt, will bring them more recognition and fame.

Pedro Tovar
Pedro Tovar with the team of a band of Eslabon Armado

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