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Pepe Garza Net Worth, Wife Elisa Beristain, and Bio

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Pepe Garza looking happy

Pepe Garza is a determined and versatile man of the radio and music industry of the USA. Likewise, he is widely regarded as the representative figure of his industry and ‘Starmaker’ among Latino artists and bands. Moreover, his life is the sum of hard work, focus, dedication, and determination. Let’s unravel the beautiful journey of this radio and music figure.

Know more about Pepe Garza’s net worth. Also, explore relevant information about his wife, Elisa Beristain, in this article.

Who is Pepe Garza? Bio

Pepe was born on the 1st of December, 1965. He is originally from Mexico. However, nothing is known about his childhood days and education status. Yet, little is known about his brother Alejandro Garza who founded Arpa Music along with Pepe in 2005.

Net Worth and Salary

As of 2021, Pepe Garza has a net worth of $5 million. Furthermore, besides his career earnings from radio, music reality shows, and Arpa Music, he also earns from his self-entitled youtube channel with 2.49 million subscribers as of 2021. He earns 45 k- 730 k annually from his self-titled YouTube channel.

Pepe Garza smiling in white suit

Famous radio and music figure, Pepe Garza


Married Life With His Wife Elisa Beristain. Children

Pepe Garza wedded Elisa Beristain in 1998 in Aisle, where they exchanged their marriage vows. Similarly, both belong to the same culture, and their mutual interests of career also summoned that brought them together. Elisa gave birth to two daughters, Isabella and Ivanna Garza Beristain. Likewise, even after 22 years of marriage, great bonding, mutual care, and trust exist between them.

Both of them had made an appearance at the Metropolitan Fashion Event in Los Angeles in October 2018.

Who Is Pepe Garza Wife Elisa Beristain? Net Worth

Born in Mexico City on July 11, 1983, Elisa is a popular TV personality and Latin actress.

When she was a kid, her aim was always to be a TV reporter. Sadly, her parents separated, and she gave up her dream and started working to take care of her mother and siblings. Who knew this innocent child would turn into a stunning Latina actress?

Elisa is famous for her appearance in more than 10 hit movies and series like Rica Famosa Latina, Rica La Noche, and many more. In her act, she has shown the version of feminism in the Latino world. She also ran a national program, Live in Estrella TV. She has also interviewed outstanding celebrities like Prince Royce and Thalia on national TV “Stars Today.” Her charm and popularity in the Latino industry have empowered many women.

Pepe’s other half is also a businesswoman and the financial director of Arpa Music and the Director of Promotions for Warner Music.

Besides films and series, she endorsed commercials, guest shows, and fashion brands like Fajas Lipo Illusion. She has more outreach to the public on Instagram with 371 thousand followers as of 2021.

Her net worth is somewhere around five million dollars in 2021.

Pepe Garza with his beautiful wife, Elisa

Famous radio and music figure Pepe Garza and his wife, Elisa Beristain

Pepe Garza Career

 Pepe begins his career as an announcer in Monterrey’s local radio station. Later, he was promoted to programmer at one of the most famous Mexican Radio stations. There, he began to make different compositions. Among his compositions, That Crazy I Am became a hit and was nominated for the Best Mexican Regional Song at Lo Awards in 1997. Thereafter, he headed towards the USA, where he became an outstanding figure in Radio. In the USA, he first started working at KBUE-FM of Southern California as a director.

He promoted popular radio characters like El Morro, Don Cheto, etc. El Morro, a restless and daring child character, helped him nominate him for the 2001 Latin Grammy Awards. In 2003, he supported the foundation of the Los De La Radio Award to encourage and promote artists from regional music. In 2005,

He founded Arpa Music with his brother. He appeared as a judge in 17 seasons of the Tengo Talento Mucho Talento music reality show. His talent of finding new potential voices established him as a “Star maker.” He has promoted numerous Mexican regional artists and bands like Lupillo Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Yolanda Perez, Banda Recodo, Jorge Gamboa, and many more!

He has also won several awards. Having won 2 BMI Award in the category best competition in 2004 and 2006, he excelled his life as a composer. He received the prestigious “Song of the Year” from the Coyote theme with the band Oro Norteno. His album Devil is Duron consists of many successful songs.

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