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Phoenix List Age and Biography of Peyton List Brother 

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Images of an American artist, Phoenix List

Phoenix List is the younger brother of stunt actors, Spencer and Peyton. Also, this youngest List is an American artist in the field of film and television. He is a hopeful young animator. Danny influenced him in the 2010 movie “Rabbit Hole.” In any case, most of his notoriety comes from the recognition of the Phoenix family. You are on the right page if you are curious about this young actor’s age and wiki-bio.

How old is the Phoenix Ranking? Age and Birthday

Phoenix List was born in New York City (September 18, 2004). As of 2021, he is 17 years of age. He was born to his parents John List (father) and Susanna (mother). Essentially, he is the small brother of the twins Payton List (sister) and Spencer List (brother). Phoenix went to the local high school. However, he has been admitted to the school, but the school’s name is vague to ordinary people.

Phoenix may have followed the footsteps of his siblings for his acting career. His older sister Peyton and younger brother Spencer are now trendy. The recognition of the twins’ relatives made Phoenix the most superficial person.

Phoenix List Movies and Career 

Phoenix List follows the example of his siblings in acting. His mature siblings have effectively stated their position in the film industry, and according to all reports, he has currently followed their path.

Curious Thing’s actor came in the big screen with a short comedy movie, “8 easy step” that got to the public in 2009. Then he played different films and series. ‘Curious Things’ and ‘Montauk‘ were among Phoenix starting films. Later, he was seen in ‘Reform’ and then in ‘Vegas’ as Tim Ludlow.

Also, Phoenix’s character in ‘American Viral,’ 2014 was famous. He played along with Michael Showalter and Zandy Hartig. But Phoenix’s major hit was the movie ‘Rabbit Hole’ with Nicole Kidman. Other actors like Aaron Eckhart and Sandra Oh also played in the film.

Phoenix List celebrating his birthday

An American child actor, Phoenix List

Phoenix List net worth 

All things considered, Phoenix List is in the beginning of his carrier and has a net worth of about $10,000 only. However, his brother Spencer has a net worth of $3 million, while his sister Payton has an expected net worth of $7 million.

His mother also includes a huge net worth of $1 million. So we would say that List is naturally introduced into a celebrity family and continued to lead an expensive lifestyle.

Phoenix List Parents: Suzanne List and John List 

Phoenix’s mother, Suzanne List, is a 52-years-old excellent woman. She was born in Florida, the USA, on October 26, 1969. John and Suzanne dated for a short time in Florida before marriage. Father, John is a financial expert, and his mother, Suzanne, is an assistant in the space emergency room.

After marriage, they built a house in Florida together and lived a happy life. However, they needed to stay away from home—a sort of. They went to LA to support their kid’s careers. Suzanne List and John List are the most potent guardians; they have cultivated all three children to be popular and successful.

Phoenix List with his family

Child American artist Phoenix List with his parents and siblings,  Peyton and  Spencer

Phoenix List Siblings

Peyton List

Peyton was born on April 6, 1998, in Florida. As in 2021, Peyton List is 23 years old. She is an American entertainer famous for her role as Emma Rose in the Disney sitcom “Jesse.” After the show’s success, List was chosen to play a similar role in “sarcasm monarch” of the “Disney Channel.”

Peyton started working in the media at a very young age. Peyton started to do plays from the young age of 4. She first appeared in a TV series called “As the World Turns,” where she played the role of a young woman at a dinner party. She has appeared in about 16 TV shows since 2004 and has been playing the role of “Emma Rose” since 2011. However, her work in “Jesse” was recognized by everyone, and she appeared in several other TV series. Peyton also has surprisingly many movies. Her first appearance on the big screen was in the 2004 movie “Bug Man 2”.

This young woman, who is also the new “overlord” of “Disney,” has won everyone’s hearts with her acting skills and is currently killing the Internet with her looks. This supreme style has more than 8 million fans on “Instagram.” This hopeful artist does not intend to settle for comedy but wants to do more adult work and become an essayist. She believes that Hollywood needs more female strength. The young artist also loves music and plans to start pursuing this newfound interest. She even performed “I Love it” with American artist Ingrid Michelson, which was initially attributed to the band “Icona Pop.”

Spencer List

Spencer List was born in Florida, USA, on April 6, 1998. It turns out that he was really energetic in high school, playing football and B-ball. When he was about to go to college in 2016, List decided to focus on his career as an artist.

Spencer appeared in Hollywood with a supporting role in the secret movie “Veronica Mars.” In 2006, he played Irving Haskett in the movie “Haskett’s Chance. His role was of a government official who was killed when he returned to Earth. In 2004, Spencer played Ace in the critically acclaimed TV series “One Life” from 1968 to 2013, featuring Erica Slezak, Michael Easton, and Christine Alderson.

Till now, Spencer has received 95 honors and 423 nominations, including two primetime Emmys. He is an entertainer, and perhaps more famous is his portrayal in many movies.

Measurements and Social Media

In September 2021, Pheonix did reach an extraordinary height of 6 feet 2 inches at a particularly young age. His weight is 84 pounds, his chest measurement is 43 inches, and his belly is estimated to be 36 inches. Rundown has wavy blond hair and likes to give it a messy feeling. He has blue eyes. Have a direct sexual orientation.

Phoenix List is dynamic on social media. He has more than 84.1k followers on Instagram and can be associated with @phoenixlist. List is also very active on Facebook, but he has not yet posted any content on it. He is also swamped on Twitter; with more than 402 followers, you can connect with @phoenixlistpriv.

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