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Raven Gates Husband Adam Gottschalk, Wedding, Age, Parents

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Image of popular social media personality, Raven Gates

Raven Gates is a popular social media personality and an entrepreneur. The young and beautiful American girl has also come into fame from a reality TV show. Raven Gates is married to her husband Adam Gottschalk, who is also a reality show star.

The young couple just entering into their thirties has recently got married. We will talk about Raven Gates’ family, wedding, and married life in this article.

Who Is Raven Gates?

Born on 23 July 1991, Raven is a native of Arkansas, US. The young and beautiful reality show star is also an entrepreneur owning a fashion store in Arkansas. Her parents are Wesley Gates and Tracy Gates.

Born to the parents of Caucasian ethnicity, Raven is a US citizen. Although we do not have any clue about her early schooling, we know that she graduated from the University of Arkansas. Therefore, she must have gone to school in her hometown of Hoxie in Arkansas.

Raven Gates looking gorgeous in long hair
Popular social media personality, Raven Gates.

Wedding With Her Husband, Adam Gottschalk

The reality star couple has recently got into married life. Rave and Adam both were participants in the reality show The Bachelor, where they met. The two were engaged in 2019 and were planning for the nuptials in 2020. But the unfortunate spread of the pandemic affected their original wedding plan.

They had to wait until the second week of April 2021 to get into the married life after their togetherness for 4 years. The long wait for the wedding eventually took place in the presence of only a few people. The pandemic had them change their wedding date three times before they could actually tie the knot.

Their wedding had taken place in a beautiful estate in Dallas, where only 20 people were present, and all had gone through the COVID test to attend the wedding. The sweet couple turned into the relationship of husband and wife and enjoying the joy of the married life.

Adam Gottschalk

Raven and Adam have got married in April 2021. So, it’s been just two months since the couple has become husband and wife.

Let’s learn some facts about Raven’s husband, Adam Gottschalk.

The husband of Raven Gates is also a reality show star like his wife. Their relationship started from the show that both of them had participated in. And now, they are husband and wife.

Adam is also a real estate agent by his profession. He is also a social media influencer, mainly on Instagram.

Adam is 31 years old by 2021 and is a native of California, US. The 6 feet 2 inches tall husband of Raven graduated from the University of Arizona. While he was in the university, he played for the university team. Unfortunately, we have no clue about his early education and his parents. He has never spoken to anyone about his personal and family life.

The fame he and his wife got from the Bachelor in Paradise has earned them a huge fan following. As the winner of the 4th season of the Bachelorette, he is quite a popular personality for the show’s audience.

Adam is a successful real estate agent apart from being a popular media personality and influencer.

Beautiful Raven Gates with her husband adam
Beautiful reality show star, Raven Gates and her husband, Adam Gottschalk.

How Old Is Raven Gates? Birthday and Parents

Raven turned 30 in 2021. The beautiful social media influencer and media influencer enjoys her birthday celebration on 23 July.

Her mother is a school teacher in Hoxie, her hometown in Arkansas. Although her mother is into teaching, her father’s profession is unknown.

Raven Gates Net Worth

Raven earns money from her clothing business named Grey Suede in Jonesboro, Dallas. She is also a successful Instagram influencer. After winning the 4th season of the Bachelor in Paradise, her fame spiked, and she earned a huge fan following. Her Instagram followers rose to over a million. By the time we write this article, Raven has 1.1 million followers.

With that huge fan following base, she makes a lot of money out of Instagram as an influencer.

Her clothing business and social media influencing has helped her reach $500K in her net worth.

Raven Gates Is Planning to Have a Baby Sooner

After getting into the married life in April, Raven and Adam have revealed that they would love to expand their family soon. Although they did not mention when they would have a baby, they unanimously said that it would be sooner than later.

Although they are a newly-married couple, they have been in a relationship since 2017. As a result, they have been ready to welcome the babies into their life. The couple is expecting to have at least two kids and can expand up to three.

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