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Renee Murden Age, Wiki, and Biography 

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Renee Murden in appealing look

Renee Murden is an Australian model and a soon-to superstar. At just the age of 21, she is one of the high-ranked commercial models. She started her journey very young, at the age of sweet sixteen. Since her earlier days, Renne was always drawn towards fashion and its diversity. The young model is not just a face of high-end brands but is also an aware citizen who educates herself about everything that’s happening. She is an animal lover and a mental health activist.

Furthermore, the young talent is already shining as an actor and has a very bright future ahead. If you are unfamiliar with this beauty and want to know more about her, scroll down and find it out.

How old is Renee Murden? Age and Birthday 

The aspiring actress Renee Murden grew up in a beautiful city in Australia. Renee celebrates her birthday on March 17, 2000. There is no much information on her parents; however, Murden had a very supportive family. They were the ones who first encouraged her to start a film career. Since a young girl, she was always into the glamorous side and was interested in fashion designing.

Likewise, she first started designing, but destiny had some other plans for her life. While she was just a teen, big fashion companies were already offering her modeling jobs. The young and fresh Renee has a commercial face, so that is why she is in demand. At just the age of 21, she is already a rising star with her debut movie, ‘Fantasy Island.’

Beautiful Renee Murden in black outfit

Australian Model, Renee Murden

Renee Murden Height and Body Measurements 

Renee Murden is an alluring beauty with a strong jawline. She is one of the few who’s blessed with natural flakes that complement her facial complexion. With ocean-like eyes and earthy brown hair, this stunning model happens to attract almost everyone. But unfortunately, she might get confused with secret victory models or Megan Fox.

Therefore, Murden has a perfect body type and is undoubtedly fit for modeling. She stands tall at the height of 5 feet 3inch and weighs around 55kg.

Mental health Awareness and Animal Activist 

Renne Murden is not just an entertainer; hence she is a humanitarian too. She is a firm believer in mental health welfare. Murden knows how important it is to be mentally fit despite being young. As a public figure, she is seen supporting mental illness via her social networks. Recently in national suicide prevention month, the model raised awareness towards healing and made it clear that feeling lonely is okay.

In addition, Renne also stands with animal rights and tries to spread concern related to the issue. While Australia was burning in a forest fire, she made a valid point of climatical change. Later asked her followers to be generous and help the country by donations. The model was devastated when she found out about 30% of koalas being killed in the incident.

Social Media Activities 

Renne Murden is not just a model and a rising actor, yet she is also an Instagram influencer. Right now, her account has 188k followers. In the site, Murden posts stunning modeling pictures. However, her interest in fashion has not disappeared, and it’s seen in her feeds. Apart from that, she also raises her voice on essential issues like Justice for George Floyd.

Renee Murden smiling in beautiful dress

Rising Star, Renee Murden

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