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Rex Jones (Alex Jones Son) Age and Wiki-Bio

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Alex Jones son, Rex Jones

Many of us know who Alex Jones is and what his profession is, but if you don’t know him, he is a prominent conspiracy theorist who also happens to be a media personality. However, today we’re talking a bit less about him and more about his son, Rex Jones. It seems like his teenage son might follow his path as he seems equally interested in conspiracies like his father. Hence, let’s get to know him better in this article. His age and wiki-bio.

Rex Jones Age and Bio

As we said, Rex Jones is famous for being the son of Alex Jones and Kelly Rebecca Nichols. However, he is professionally known for being a TV personality and media character. Also, if you are unfamiliar with his father, he is a well-celebrated radio host and conspiracy theorist.

Furthermore, if you inquire about his age, we have an assumption that he is currently 18 years old, but we do not have a reliable source for this. Although he was born to famous parents, he chooses to remain private. However, we should note that he acquired quality education from the University of Missouri.

Rex Jones Parents were divorced in 2015.

Rex was pretty much lucky to be born to amazing parents, but woefully, they did not end up together forever. They married each other in 2007 and got divorced in March 2015, after spending eight years of a marital relationship. In the media, they did not divulge the key reasons behind their split.

Furthermore, following their split in 2015, they became entangled in a prolonged custody dispute. His mother, Rebecca, wanted single custody of her children as she claimed that her ex-husband was not a stable person. She stated,

“I’m concerned that he is engaged in felonious behavior, threatening a member of congress.”

As a result, Rebecca got full custody of their children, while Alex was permitted to visit his children whenever he wanted. Moreover, as for the divorce settlement, Rex’s mother Rebecca got $3.1 million as spousal support. She also got a luxurious mansion in Austin, Texas.

Rex Jones parents, Alex Jones and Kelly

A prominent conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, and his Ex-wife, Kelly

Mother, Kelly Rebecca Nichols

Famously known as Alex’s former wife, Kelly is a 52-year-old lady born on July 2, 1968. She was born and nurtured in a Jewish family in Travis County, Texas, United States. Her parents are Edmund Lowe and Sandra Key. Moreover, her father Edmund was a diplomat for the US government who was proven guilty of fraud in 1993. When it comes to her siblings, she has two: a brother and a sister. Their names are James Edmund and Jill Elizabeth.

So far as we’re concerned about her career, she hasn’t been as successful as her ex-husband, Alex, but she has reached somewhere in her life. Back in the 1990s, she used to advocate for animal rights and was actively working for it. As a result, she made a closer relationship with PETA’s public relations department. Not only that but she’s appeared on the covers of several magazines.

Father, Alex Jones

Alexander Emric Jones, aka Alex Jones, is the most popular and hyped conspiracy theorist from Dallas. He was born on February 11, 1974, and is 46 years of age. If you don’t know about his career status, let us tell you that he first gained prominence in 1996, after he started as a radio host in The Final Edition. But, he technically started his career with a Television Program in Austin. The guy also appeared in his debut movie ‘American Destroyed By Design.’

Furthermore, after the 9/11 attack, he started to come up with conspiracies claiming that the Bush administration was behind the 9/11 attack. This theory cost him a fortune, as he was made to drop his program. Moreover, Jones also addressed the global media during the annual Bilderberg conference in England in June 2013. Since then, Jones has been exhibiting his ideas and opinions about many events in America across the United States. In addition, he has amassed a substantial net worth of $5 million and has been living a sumptuous life.

Alex is the host of controversial Fake News Media, InfoWars.

Not to forget, he also owns his website InfoWars, which you’ve probably heard of. It is a far-right conspiracy theory and fake news portal based in the United States. The website was launched in 1999 and ran under Free Speech Systems LLC. The site has a history of publishing false and misleading stories that have been related to victim harassment. In February 2018, Alex was charged with sexual harassment and discrimination against employees. In addition, Facebook once banned InfoWars for violating its policies, and Jones used another site called NewsWars to circumvent the restriction.

Rex Jones has also appeared in InfoWars.

In 2018, when his son was just 15 years old, Alex used his own son to do his filthy work for him. His son appeared on InfoWars and challenged David Hogg, a student journalist, and activist to place a debate. After he appeared in the drama, his mother Rebecca was all distressed to see how her ex-husband exploited their teenage son in the political drama and mud-slinging. She also claimed that her son did not deserve all those hate comments and criticisms in response to the video.

 Rex Jones has also appeared in InfoWars

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