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Richard Simmons Wife, Gay, Net Worth

Image of an author and a video creator, Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons is an American nationalist born in New Orleans widely known as an innovative weight loss instructor. The fitness guru gained a lot of media backlash when he was linked with the adult pornographic star Daniel Holt. Many media outlets started rumors of him being in a relationship with the male actor in 1992. He was also linked with another adult entertainer, Bruce Headrick.

Therefore, the sexual Orientation of Simmon has never been addressed in public, and still, he is considered to be single. However, one of his housemaids, Teresa Reveles, claims to be her husband. There’s no solid proof for this hoax, and it is believed to be a false accusation. She is the same woman accused of performing black magic on the trainer. Is Richard married to a wife? Find out.

Is Richard Simmons gay? His sexual Orientation

Richard Simmons is one of the victims of toxic masculinity. His exclusive sense of style seems to upset the homophobic society and some of the leading media houses. Due to his indifferent living and fashion choices, it’s not safe to assume his sexuality as gay or a transgender person in this free world. When the trainer embraced gender-neutral practice by wearing a feminine dress, many reputed publications started accusing him of changing his gender to a female. He never accepted it and slammed them for spreading false news.

Furthermore, the heat between the media and Richard turned ugly when he dragged them to the court. The National Enquirer magazine exploited privacy rights when they published a story of his journey on becoming a woman. Simmons denied all the surfacing rumors of breast implants and hormone treatments. Yet the court voted against his favor, and he was fined 130,000 dollars. During those times, same-sex attractions were not legal. Hence there’s a possibility of him trying to hide it from the public eyes.

Richard Simmons Net Worth

Richard Simmons started his career as a health advisor when he recovered from his overweight struggles and achieved his ideal body weight. He is an author and a video creator too. His net worth is over $15 million.

Image of an renowned author and a video creator, Richard Simmons

A renowned author and video creator, Richard Simmons

Moreover, the 90’s sensation, Simmon, is also into real estate. He purchased a luxurious house built in 1937 at $670,000. Now the same property is worth about 7 million.

Richard Simmons Wife

As of now, this fitness guru is not married to his wife.

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