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Rina Mimoun Age, Bio, Son and Facts about Scott Weinger’s wife

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Image of famous writer, Rina Mimoun

We have all been in love with dialogues and acts of TV shows such as “Pushing Daisies,” “Everwood,” and “Privileged.” But did you know the mind where such amusing ideas were originated? Rina Mimoun is either the most sadist or the romantic woman with brilliant writing skills. Her fame rises from the excellent TV content and as the wife of Scott Weinger.

Let’s know about their life. Explore more information about her age and son in this article.

Rina Mimoun Age, Bio, and Career

Rina, now 47, was born in 1974 in the US. We are blinded to her life before her debut as a writer of fox comedy “Ned and Stacey.” Her breakthrough was writing “Dawson’s Creek” for a couple of years

After that, she continued working on major TV shows such as “Jack & Jill” and “Dawson’s Creek.” Her finest work is “Gilmore Girls” and “Pushing Daisies,” which made a major hit around the work.

For the series “Everwood,” Rina worked as a supervising producer. She was also an executive producer for many shows, including the ones on CW Television Network. Her latest work is as the producer of the series “Mistresses.” She has also made some appearances in the movies as an actor, for her acting skills have rarely been noticed. Well, Rina is a very successful writer and prouder of Hollywood.

Rina Mimoun is married to Scott Weinger.

Image of famous writer, Rina Mimoun and her husband
American writer and producer Rina Mimoun with her husband, Scott Weinger

The voice actor of Aladdin, Scott Weinger, a Disney prince, found his love in Rina Mimoun. They got to know each other for the first time in the set of the “Privileged.” After dating each other for many ages, they tied their knot in the year 2008. It was a small ceremony in Midtown Loft and Terrace. Even after a decade of marriage, the couple is hell romantic, always looking for an opportunity to express their love.

Scott wrote on Instagram,

“Tokyo was a perfect place to welcome 2019 with my love” during their visit to Japan.

Who is Rinu Mimoun Husband, Scott Weinger?

Rina Mimoun’s husband, Scott Weinger, was born on the 5th of October 1975 in Manhattan. He is a graduate of Harvard University.

With his Russian Jewish Accent, Scott plays a unique character in the movies. Just at the age of 17, he voiced Disney character Alladin. Scott’s finest work is seen in the “Kingdom heart” series. The children especially adore his work in Disney. Weinger was also featured in other movies, but the significant role was seen in “Police Academy 5“. His latest work in the TV series “Full house” is much better than the previous shows. Scott also worked for the Netflix show “Fuller House.

After many years of work in the movies and TV, Scott has managed to make a net worth of $6 million. He has over 630k followers in his Instagram account.

Rina Mimoun Son Mischa Weinger

Image of famous writer, Rina Mimoun and famiy
Renowned writer and producer for Tv shows like “Pushing Daisies,” “Everwood,” and “Privileged,” Rina Mimoun with her husband, Scott Weinger, and their son

Scott and Rina had a beautiful son Mischa Weinger in 2009. Scott is very close to his son. They often attain movie premieres and award shows. They were seen together in “Nickelodeon’s Awards.” His son loves his dad’s work as Alladin. Mischa also went to the premiere of the Alladin movie.

Even Rina carries her son to work. We can guess that Mischa also loves public attention and wants to know the TV world. The family is seen together in RAO’S restaurant.

Net Worth and Income Sources

This American writer and producer started her carrier at the age of 21. Since then, she has contributed to many hits TV shows as a writer. Her money also comes as a co-producer of different TV series. From all this work, Rina has managed to accumulate a net worth above half a million. Her husband also enjoys’ s a massive fortune of money. Along with her husband, she owns a house and a few cars.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

This 1.74m tall American citizen looks elegant in her dark eyes and short brown hair. Currently, she weighs 80kgs. Even after having a kid, Rina has managed to maintain a perfect figure.

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