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RJ Mitte Net Worth, Age, and Girlfriend

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RJ Mitte Networth

“Without Will Power, No Gains Will Be Made.” No matter how talented one is, he may fail if he does not have willpower. RJ Mitte, popularly known as Walter White Jr. in the popular series “Breaking Bad,” overcame his disability from his inner strength and willpower.

As of now, RJ is one of the highly googled American actors. He has gathered millions of fan followers, and all of them are very curious to know his bio details. So, we have brought to you the details of RJ Mitte, including the information on his net worth, age, and dating life.

RJ Mitte Net Worth and Income Sources

The actor’s successful career as an actor has provided him with enormous wealth. He began acting at a young age and, as of now, has established a prosperous career for himself. According to recent reports, RJ earns millions and has accumulated a net worth of approximately $3 million. The primary source of RJ’s income is received from his successful career in the entertainment industry. In addition, he also gets a reasonable sum from modeling.

Age and Biography

Born as Roy Frank Mitte III in Mississippi, United States, RJ is 29 years old at present. His birth took place in the year 1992, and his birthday falls on 21st August. He was born in a critical condition (brain damage) via C-section. The actor’s biological parents are off the record; however, he was adopted by a Christian family with a Caucasian ethnic background. His father is Roy Frank Mitte Jr., and his mother, Dyna Mitte.

RJ Mitte with his mother, Dyna Mitte
RJ Mitte and his mother, Dyna Mitte

Furthermore, according to a source, the 6 feet 1-inch actor also has a younger sister named Lacianne Carriere, who is 11 years younger than him. As of now, he is known as one of the renowned actors of the United States who is most famous for his role in a popular series called “Breaking Bad.”

Though RJ started his career from minor roles in “Hannah Montana,” he has now been nominated for some prestigious awards for his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad. Apart from that, we can also see RJ in some movies, including “ House of Last Things.” In addition, he is also a model who has been featured by some famous brands, including GAP, Westwood any many more.

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Yes, RJ is currently in a romantic relationship with his beloved girlfriend, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe. The pair have been in an inseparable love relationship since 2013, so we must say they have a long history together. Moreover, since the actor has chosen not to provide any additional information about his partner, we are unaware of her professional experience. His fans, on the other hand, have already started planning and making assumptions about their marriage.

RJ Mitte with his girlfriend, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe
RJ Mitte with his girlfriend, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

Is RJ Mitte Really Handicapped as in Breaking Bad?

Yes, unfortunately, RJ Mitte is handicapped like in Breaking Bad. However, his character on the show is severely handicapped, while RJ in life life is the only minor difficulty. As per the source, he had complications during birth, and he began to have movement disorder when he was only three years old. As he loved sports, especially football, RJ had taken the help of leg braces when he was young. Later he was able to walk and move even without the braces.

The actor has a big heart, and he also raises his voice for specially-abled children.

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