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Robbie Arnett (Elizabeth Olsen Husband) Age, Wikipedia, and Bio Facts

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Image of Robbie Arnett

Robbie Arnett is the man behind the famous band Milo Greene, which he formed 12 years ago. As a child, he always dreamt about being a rockstar and expand as an artist. After much hard work and practice, Arnett finally has made a long-lasting impact in the musical business.

Apart from his impressive artistic career, he is also a king of loyalty and is married to stunning actress Elizabeth Olsen. If you are interested to know how someone becomes successful with their childhood ambition, this article is just for you.

How Old Is Robbie Arnett? Age and Early Life

On March 3rd, 1992, Robbie was born in a Caucasian home. He is 27 years old Pisces man. Along with his family, he grew up in the United States of America. As of now, his personal information, especially around his parents and siblings, is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, he has faith in the almighty and follows Christianity.

In addition, Arnett was very interested in composing and creating music from a young age. He is one of those who is a natural-born artist. For his studies, Robbie went to Neuqua Valley High School. After graduating, his musical dreams even got more substantial, and he was eager to follow them.

So, he decided to get into songwriting and started pursuing his passion for music. For his further qualification, Robbie enrolled at The University of California.

Robbie Arnett looking bold in green jacket
The man behind the famous band Milo Greene, Robbie Arnett.


Robbie did not give up on his childhood dedication to music and kept working to reach the height of success. He formed a band named Milo Greene, along with his close friends, in 2009. The band slowly gained recognition, and finally, Atlantic records signed them as their new faces.

After getting into the level, the bandmates took almost three years to prepare and released their first debut album in 2012. Their songs got a lot of hype and received thousands of well-wishers. Later they moved towards the silver screen and sang for movies and series.

Furthermore, the band emerged into televisions and started getting numerous chances to perform in popular ventures like Tonight’s Show with Jay Leno and Late Show with David Letterman. Eventually, after their appearance in high-level stages, Robbie and his mates became the topic of the hours.

Likewise, they attracted many fan bases from all around and went on to be ideals to many aspiring artists. Similarly, one of the band’s notable pieces is 1957, which has about 5 million views on YouTube. Their other brilliant works can be seen in television series like Fun Size,’ ‘Supernatural,’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.

Robbie Arnett Is Married to a Wife, Elizabeth Olsen

After being in the media’s eyes, nothing seems to pass when it comes to romance between two famous artists. The same happened around 2017 when Arnett broke many hearts when he walked with Elizabeth Olsen. She is not a stranger to the film industry as Elizabeth is one of the leading actresses. Her recent movie,Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ is one of the biggest franchises ever made in American history.

Apart from her famous character as Scarlet Witch, she has worked in other movies like Godzilla and Silent House. Upon dating around two years, Robbie realized that Elizabeth is the love of his life and asked her the big question. Finally, the two lovebirds were officially a thing and, of course, was the future Mr. and Mrs. Arnett.

Although they haven’t confirmed their marriage, Elizabeth did spill the bean by addressing Robbie as her husband in a vanity fair interview. As of now, they are indeed a married couple and got hitched in a private ceremony in 2020.

Robbie Arnett with his beautiful wife elizabeth
The man behind the famous band Milo Greene, Robbie Arnett, and his wife, Elizabeth Olsen.

Robbie Arnett Net Worth

As a lead vocalist of the well-known American band, Arnett has earned a lot of popularity and has managed to stand up in the glamorous world. Over a decade has passed, but still, his band is doing great and is surviving. As per many outlets, the net worth of the musician is almost 2 million dollars.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Robbie Arnett is a handsome dude with stunning body muscles. It looks like he spends most of his time at the gym because of his excellent physical structure. He somehow resembles the fictional character of prince charming. This hunk stands tall at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches and weighs about 74 kg.

Social Media Activities

The famous singer is not active on his personal account, but he has an excellent social presence on his professional page under the name Milogreene. His Instagram has 13.k followers, and usually, the posts are about his musical tours.

Similarly, on Twitter, he has enough interactions with his audience and has 10.3 thousand followers. Along with his crew, Robbie enjoyed his backstage memories.

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