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Roberta Raffel (Marcus Lemonis Wife) Age, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio

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Image of successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, Roberta Raffel and her husband

Roberta Raffel, also known as Roberta Bobbi Raffel, is a 67-year-old successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. Despite being a successful entrepreneur, she was not that popular. However, since 2018, the situation has altered. People have started showing interest in learning about Bobbi Raffel because she married a celebrity TV personality and business tycoon Marcus Lemonis.

People were also interested in her life since she and her husband are one of those couples who have shown that age is only a number. The age difference between Marcus and Bobbi is 20 years.

Let’s have a look at the life of Roberta Raffel, Marcus Lemonis’ wife, her age, net worth, and wiki-bio in this review.

Who Is Roberta Bobbi Raffel?

  • Roberta Raffel was born in America on 21st September 1954 as the oldest of three children of her parents. Her siblings are Stephen and Mickey.
  • She is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. Although she managed her businesses successfully, she had never been in the limelight before her marriage in 2018.
  • But things changed once she met her spouse, Marcus Lemonis, in 2016 and married him in 2018. She suddenly became famous for being the wife of a celebrity TV star and a successful business person.
  • It may seem like she has achieved success all-of-a-sudden by marrying a celebrity, but the truth is that she was already a successful business person.
  • However, post her marriage with Marcus, people began to take an interest in her life.

Roberta Raffel Is Married to Her Husband Marcus Lemonis. Kids

We don’t know much about her prior relationships, but we may suppose she was in one before meeting Marcus. She has two children (a son and a daughter) but not with Marcus. Roberta and Marcus do not have any kids together so far.

Despite their 20-year age difference, the couple married in 2018 after dating for over a year. The couple has demonstrated that age is just a number and that we can love one another regardless of age differences.

Image of successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, Roberta Bobbi Raffel and her husband
Renowned businesswoman Roberta Raffel with her husband, Marcus Lemonis.

The two met in a trade show where they were visiting in 2016. After meeting each other in the Show, they started dating. The couple tied the nuptial knot in February 2018 and has been living happily since then.

They are pretty open about their relationship. Roberta isn’t on social media, but Marcus updates his fans on their relationship regularly. Marcus is even more flamboyant in sharing their stories on social media. His Instagram handle is @marcuslemonis, and he has over 1.3 million followers.

Roberta was in a relationship with Lee Raffel, according to a source who isn’t particularly reliable. And Lee is presumed to be the father of Bobbi’s children.

How Old Is Roberta Raffel?

She was born on 21st September 1954 and is turning 68 this year. But as of June 2021, Raffel is 67 years old.

Net Worth and Income sources

Although she was a successful businesswoman in the fashion industry before her marriage, it has never been clear about her net worth. As she was not in the limelight earlier, people did not have an interest in her life.

After marrying Marcus, Roberta now helps in managing many of her husband’s businesses. As a business tycoon, Marcus owns several companies where Roberta is a big helping hand now. The belief is that Marcus bought one of her fashion businesses soon after they started dating.

It is hard to guess Roberta Raffel’s net worth. But since she has also invested in her husband’s companies, we can assume her net worth to be in millions of dollars.

Image of successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, Roberta Raffel
A successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, Roberta Raffel.


NameRoberta Bobbi Raffel
Date of Birth21st September 1953
Marital StatusMarried

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