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Rory John Gates (Bill Gates’ Son) Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Wiki-Bio

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Images of Rory John Gates

Rory Gates is the son of Bill Gates, one of the proprietors of the Microsoft Corporation. Beyond that, Bill Gates is an investor, author, software developer, philanthropist, and family man. Similarly, Bill and his spouse Melinda have three kids. This article particularly discusses Rory Gates’s net worth.

Likewise, Rory Gates is the couple’s only son. Discover more about his aspirations, personal life, net worth, age, and social media activity. Also, who is Rory romantically linked to?

Who is Rory John Gates? 

Rory Gates is the second child in a family of five. Again, there is a three-year age gap between each of the children. Furthermore, Melinda and Bill were keen on keeping life as normal as they could for their kids.

Rory grew up sheltered and away from the limelight, just as his parents wanted. Similarly, he had a normal childhood and was not even allowed to own a cellphone until 13. Indeed, he took up good qualities from both his parents and is a well-known philanthropist.

Rory attended the same high school as his father, The Lakeside School, in Seattle. He later graduated from Duke University, where he attained BA in Econ and Computer Science. Furthermore, he also attended Fuqua School of Business to earn his MBA. Currently, he is reported to be exploring ways to increase his academic qualifications. With these accomplishments, analysts believe he will start his career at Microsoft.

Rory John Gates Net Worth

Rory Gates has a current estimated net worth of $20 million. Moreover, he has earned this figure as a partial heir to his father’s fortune. Despite currently being worth $127.3 billion, Bill Gates announced that he would leave his children an inheritance of $10 million each. However, the rest of his money is set to go to multiple charities.

Bill decided to teach his children the value of money and how to have a charitable spirit. In addition, he admitted that his desire was to have his kids find their own path. Thus, Bill joins the ranks of well-known wealthy people who will not be leaving their fortunes to their children.

Like his parents, Rory is a philanthropist known to donate 1/3 rd of his pocket money to charity. Indeed, this is a habit his parents taught him at a young age and has maintained adulthood. Furthermore, for his birthday in 2019, Rory publicly requested donations to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and managed to raise $100K.

How Old Is Rory John Gates? His Birthday

Rory Gates was born on May 23rd, 1999 in Seattle, Washington. Hence, this puts him at 21 years old. He still resides in Washington, choosing to live with his parents in their 66,000-square-foot mansion known as Xanadu-2.0.

Is Rory John Gates Dating a Girlfriend? 

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed information about Rory’s current and past dating life. Rory maintains a very private personal life. Unlike other children of billionaires, Rory has not been involved in any public scandals that put his life in the public eye. Therefore, there is no information about previous and current girlfriends, nor love interests, or crushes. As far as anyone can tell, he is single, enjoying time with his family, and working on starting his career.

Social Media Activities

Surprisingly, Rory Gates is not on any social media at present. Further, Rory has maintained the privacy installed on him by his parents. Therefore, Rory avoids most social sites.

Unlike other rich kids, Rory does not enjoy flaunting extravagant lifestyles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, his dad frequently posts about Rory on his IG handle. He has also appeared on his sister Jennifer’s active Instagram account.


Rory stands at 5 ft. 5 and weighs 64 Kgs. Likewise, he has brown eyes that go perfectly well with his naturally blonde hair. While Rory is all American, he also has a rich ancestry. Moreover, he is Scottish, English, German, and also Irish. Furthermore, Rory is multilingual, able to communicate in English, German, Spanish, and Irish.

As for sexual orientation, there are no reports on this. Further, Rory is not on any social media platforms and maintains a private life. Even though he has appeared in several pictures online, none are with a love interest or in a suggestive situation. Therefore, nobody knows about Rory’s sexual orientation.

In addition, Rory is very close to his family and is particularly close to his mother. This and the fact that he grew up with two sisters makes him a feminist, much to his mother’s delight. Similarly, Rory publicly advocates for the rights of women and is very forward to discussing gender equality. Furthermore, his mother has stated that Rory is an extraordinary child and a great brother.

Image of Bill Gate's son, Rory John Gates with his mom
The only son of Bill Gates, Rory John Gates, with his beloved mom, Melinda French Gates.

As for his passions and likes, Rory loves cars. Likewise, he is reported to have an impressive assembly of vehicles, although there are no public pictures of him behind the wheel. Moreover, Gates also acquired an obsessive love for puzzles from his parents. In 2016, Roy was seen flying a plane, showing his interest in flying.

Rory travels with his family for various reasons. In 2015, he and his mother Melinda went on a trip to Malawi in Africa to see all the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s works. Furthermore, before that, the Gates family visited Australia in 2012. This and future trips they took worldwide were to expose Rory and his sisters to various cultures and why it is essential to respect people’s differences.

Rory, as a child, was well-behaved and grew to be a respectable adult, taking his parents’ teachings with gravity. With that in mind, we can assume that the young man is destined for more incredible things and will make his parents proud.

Wiki-bio and Facts

Full nameRory John Gates
Age21 years old.
Date of Birth23rd May 1999
Place of BirthSeattle, Washington
ProfessionSon of Bill Gates
Net worth$20 million
Zodiac SignGemini
ParentsBill and Melinda Gates

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