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Rosa Gilmore Parents, Age, Wiki-Bio

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Image of amazing actress, Rosa Gilmore net worth

Rosa Gilmore is an ambitious young actress making her way into the film industry. She is already halfway there with incredible dramas like ‘The Expanse’ and ‘The Handmaid’s tale.’ Find out where Rosa Gilmore spent her childhood, her inspiration growing up, why she chose acting as her profession, and more below. Also, learn about her parents and age right here.

 Who is Rosa Gilmore? Bio

Rose Gilmore is a topliner gift to the television world. She already plays the central role of Dr. Lucia Mazur in American science fiction with 8.5 ratings in amazon prime, The Expanse. The ascending fame started her acting career as a theater presenter and dreamt of earning a billboard as a movie star. She is all set to blossom and spread her wings towards success. The aspiring actress was also seen in hit dramas like ‘Elementary,’ and ‘Platonic,’.

Image of amazing actress, Rosa Gilmore in drama
The star of the “The Expanse” movie, Rosa Gilmore

Furthermore, the sensational beauty always knew she wanted to become a movie artist, so she joined drama classes and attended plays to prepare for her further journey from an earlier age. When she took part in a three-person theater show, she played Romeo and other characters, one of her most challenging jobs.

At first, Rose Gilmore hesitated to perform a muscular role as she thought she would not do the physical stunts. Despite the fear, she practiced and mastered the portrayal. This experience taught her to challenge herself and allow her to go beyond her comfort zone.

Rosa Gilmore Age, Height, and Body Measurements

The beautiful Rose Gilmore makes everyone adore her with her strong jawline, long black hair, earthy eyes, and excellent acting skills. She was born in 1991, and that makes her 30 years old now. Her average height is 5 feet 5 inches, and she weighs 55 Kg.

Reason Behind choosing an acting career

Rose Gilmore believes in doing things and failing rather than not doing it and regretting it the whole life. Since a child, she was drawn towards visualizing her imagination and make it come to life. Being able to reach people without actual contact fascinates her. As a young girl, she grew up watching Dr. Quinn, and that’s when she got inspired and wanted to become a strong woman with superpowers. Luckily both her roles in The Expanse and the handmaid’s tale are about courageous and unapologetic women fighting to save the world.

Moreover, the ability to impact someone’s life by portraying a role makes her job so unique. She can connect with the broader world by a small screen and inspire them to do what they want. From her movies, she wants the world to learn empathy towards one another, and somehow she believes she is playing a part in changing the world.

Early Life, Education, and Parents

 The versatile actress Rosa was born in Cambridge, MA, and was raised by well-educated parents, who taught her the real meaning of justice and freedom of speech. She was named after the revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg. Her childhood was like a typical high-class family with cats as pets and luxury museum visits. She liked to dress up as a superhero and pretend to save the world. It looks like she was already destined to be a fictional hero since her earlier days.

Moreover, Rosa Gilmor graduated from NYU Tisch Grad Acting school in 2016. One of her inspirations to join the acting career was Jim Calder, a movement and comedy teacher. He shaped her as an actor and taught her never to be afraid to fall and focus on her work. Still, she lives by this lesson and makes growing through her work a goal.

Net Worth and Income

Rosa Gilmore has given a brilliant performance in all her projects and is working very hard to achieve her goals. She is the founder of the Society Theatre, where she gives acting lessons to aspiring actors.

Image of amazing actress, Rosa Gilmore
An amazing and hardworking actress and the founder of the Society Theatre, Rosa Gilmore

Similarly, Gilmore has been associated with all the great shows throughout her career, and her net worth is around $2 million.

Social Media Activities

The endeavoring Hollywood actors, Rosa is active in both Twitter and Instagram as rosagilmo. Her social media presence is in a growing process, along with increasing followers over time. She has a black and white theme on her Instagram, which is trending right now. From her posts, she is promoting gender diversity and creative photography.

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