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Rose Costa Age and Facts about James Marsden Former Girlfriend

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Image of renowned model, Rose Costa

Rose Costa, the gorgeous ex-girlfriend of James Marsden, is known for her controversial relationship. Besides the dating story with X-Men film series actor, she is also famous for her work as Ford Models. Rose also gave birth to James’s son after a short relationship. Let’s learn in detail about Rose Costa here. Also, know her age and wiki-bio.

Who is Rose Costa? Age and Early Life

Rose is a professional model with a stable career. This 23-year-old lady celebrates her birthday on 8th January. She was born in Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil and belonged to Caucasian ethnicity. Rose spent most of her childhood in her hometown with her Brazillian parents. After graduation from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Rose started her modeling career. Her interest in glamour begun to form her childhood when she used to watch fashion model shows.

Besides being a very successful model, Rose is also a loving mother. She prefers spending her leisure time with her son and knows her way with the food and the kitchen. She lives to call herself a big-time food lover and often prefers cooking healthy meals.

Rose Costa and James Marsden Relationship

Image of renowned model, Rose Costa and James Marsden
Renowned Ford Model, Rose Costa, and James Marsden relationship

The legendary love story of Rose and James started from a one-night hookup in Miami. Then, they met each other for a short time before parting their way from the fling. It was the time when James was suffering due to the divorce from his ex-wife Lisa Linde, and Rose also had a boyfriend, Chris Santos. She was dating Chris for two years before meeting James.

So, the two decided to part after the Hookup. But soon after, the real drama started when Rose discovered that she was pregnant with James’ child. She confessed to her boyfriend about the Hookup and then talked to James about the child. They decided to have the shared custody of the baby. Even after James’s birth, they never had a committed relationship.

Rose Costa son with James Marsden

Image of renowned model, Rose Costa with her son
Amazing and gorgeous model Rose Costa with her son, William Luca Costa Marsden

After the Hookup in early 2021, Rose gave birth to a beautiful son William Luca Costa Marsden. He was born on 4th December in 2012. The name “William” denotes determined protector in Gemary, while “Luca” is the Latin for Sacred Wood. 

William is blessed with two half-siblings, Jack Marsden and Mary James Marsden. They are James’ children from the former marriage. This six-year-old boy mostly lives with her mother and sometimes visits his Dad. Since his parents are never really close, he always misses one of them in the Holidays.

Rose often posts the picture of her son in Instagram. The two currently live in West Hollywood, California.

Is Rose Costa Currently dating a Boyfriend?

James Marsden’s ex-girlfriend Rose is never really in a committed relationship. Earlier, her Instagram account used to be full of images kissing with random men. Rose has many posts about her boyfriend’s, but most of them are just a fling.

One of Rose’s controversial relationships was with Lloyd Klein, a renowned Canadian fashion designer. But the relationship was over after and short time, and they never mentioned it in public. Before that, she was involved with Skeet Ulrich, which got quite serious; they lasted for a year. We are still unaware who would be her Prince Charming.

Net Worth and Income

Rose seems to have a pretty successful career with a net worth of $18 million. As a Ford model, she earns up to $439 every hour. Well, that’s crazy money. Rose might be amongst the highest-earning actress in Hollywood. Her house and cars are also worth millions. Rose’s ex, James Marsden, an x-man series actor, has a net worth of $8 million.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

The slim and well-built body figure of Rose has made her a significant attraction to Hollywood. Costa stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches and has a skinny body of 63 kg, which looks perfect. This beautiful model captivates everyone with her hazel eyes and flawless shaggy eyebrows. She has long dark hair with ideal body measurements.

Rose has currently removed her Instagram account. We don’t know the reason behind such action, but she is definitely going through some changes. We can still find her on LinkedIn.

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