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Roslyn Jordan: Facts About Michael Jordan Sister

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Roslyn Jordan in deadlocked hair

Roslyn Jordan, the youngest sister of Michael Jordan, is the author of many best-selling children’s books. Both her parents were great in their relative fields. Furthermore, her mother is one of the most giving people and has a great heart. Roslyn has four more siblings apart of Micheal Jordon.

Through this article, know the sister of Michael Jordan aka Air Jordan closely and find out her profession, earlier days, dad’s tragic death, and everything about her other siblings.

Roslyn Jordan Age and Career

Roslyn Jordan is the youngest sister of the famous athletic Michael Jordan. As she is the most diminutive sibling, her age must be around 45. Along with her three brothers and a sister, she was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, by their amazing mother, Deloris, and the brave father, James Jordon.

Growing up in a religious family, Roslyn Jordan was encouraged to join a church and have faith in god. However, there is not much information in her earlier days, but education was a vital practice.

While her brothers were training their physical bodies to pursue sports, Roslyn and her sister worked on their mental stability. Additionally, they both are authors now. Roslyn Jordan writes children’s books and is well known for her books like Michael’s Golden Rules, Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream, and Did I Tell You I Love You Today?

Her writing is unique, and it is a revolutionary statement. She teaches children the reality of hard work rather than fantasy, and the book is a strong representation of the Black ethnicity.

Roslyn Jordan Is The Youngest Sibling of Michael Jordan

6’6″ tall basketballer is considered to be the best basketball player in history that the world has ever seen. He went to Emsley A. Laney high school and graduated from North Carolina University. In 1984 with his NBA team, Chicago Bulls, Michael made his first professional entry. After over 19 years at the team, he switched to Washington Wizards. Currently, he is the founder of Charlotte Hornets, the NBA club.

Furthermore, Michael Jordan is very close with his family and considers them his ultimate backbone of support. As Roslyn and Jordan do not have many age differences, the two are more like friends than siblings. Michael is very close with his sister; he often promotes her books and joins her in tours. Similarly, Roslyn, too, did not forget to watch his games.

Roslyn Jordan in white gown with her brother Michael Jordan

Inspirational speaker, Roslyn Jordan with his brother Michael, a famous basketballer.

Meet Roslyn Jordan Father James R. Jordan Sr.

The father of Roslyn Jordan is no outsider and is a well-known figure who inspired Micheal Jordon to enter basketball. James R Jordan Sr is a remarkable man who served in US Air Force. He completed his schooling at Charity high school.

After being a parent, he left his job and then worked in Wallace as a textile mill. To fulfill the requirement of his family, he had to find a high-paying job, so he went to Brooklyn and started mechanic training at G.I. Bill. Later he graduated with an airplane hydraulics degree and worked in a bank.

Eventually, James moved back to be with his family upon hearing the news of his wife’s pregnancy with Roslyn Jordan. The family lived happily for a while together, but that did not stay for longer. James Jordan was shot to death by the rubbers to steal his new car and sell it. This incident broke Roslyn and the rest of the family’s hearts and was devastated.

Roslyn Jordan Mother Deloris Jordan

Deloris Jordan, the loving mother of Roslyn, believes in good deeds and is all about giving back to society. She is the founder of many charity organizations and is also helping her son to manage his foundations. In 2005, Deloris received a Clinton global initiative award for her incredible work as she helps children and women in Kenya.

The mother with a golden heart, Deloris Jordan, was born in September 1941 at Rocky Point, United States. She also attended the same Charity high school as her husband. James Jordan fell in love with his future wife there while playing basketball with each other. Deloris Jordan herself is a New York Times bestselling author and is the one who helped Roslyn to pursue writing.

Roslyn Jordan Has Three Other Siblings Besides Michael Jordan

As mentioned above, Roslyn Jordan has five siblings altogether, along with Micheal Jordan. Who are her other siblings? Let’s find out below.

The elder brothers of Roslyn Jordon, Larry, and James Jr are the early basketball rivals of Micheal Jordan. The boys were very competitive and used to play against each other. Larry Jordan, the eldest brother, was the best player and inspired Micheal’s success. Roslyn Jordan’s one and only sister Deloris is also a writer and the co-author of her books.

Accordingly, the siblings went to church and played baseball with their dads. Their parents taught them to be humble from a young age and always grateful for whatever they had growing up. Still, they have a strong connection and support each other.

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