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Ryan Jarreau (Al Jarreau Son) Wife, Age, and Wiki-Bio

Image of Singer and musician Al Jarreau and son Ryan Jarreau

An album like Breaking Away and hundreds of hit songs by Alwin Lopez Jarreau have remained in the music industry for a decade. This LA’s finest pop singer has been praised by the music lover of the 1970s and 1980s. Sadly, such a versatile singer left the earth in February of 12, 2017, making millions of his fans sober in silence. What happened to Al Jarreau’s family after his death? Let’s find now what Al Jarreau’s son Ryan Jarreau is currently doing? Also, let’s learn about his wife.

Who is Ryan Jarreau? Age

Ryan Jarreau, the only son of Al Jarreau, was born to his second wife, Susan Elaine Player. Currently, in his late 30, we do not know the exact date of birth of Ryan Jarreau.

Ryan works as a fitness trainer in a gym. He goes to a fitness camp and enjoys working out. Despite being famous because of his father’s carrier, he lives a simple and basic life with his family. Ryan is also a Jiu-Jitsu Trainer in California.

Is Ryan Jarreau Married to a Wife?

Ryan is currently married to his longtime girlfriend. He is quite open about his relationship with his girl from the very beginning. The couple lived together for many years and also had a son before they married.

Ryan often writes about his love on Instagram and other social media platforms. One of his posts reads,

“She is my happy place whom I can always rely on. This is also an amazing mother who cares a lot for her family. love you, babe”.

Ryan claims that his love for his wife is as good as the relationship of his parents.

Ryan has a family of three kids. The eldest son is about seven years old, probably born before the marriage. He has also been blessed with two twin daughters, whom he adores a lot.

Ryan Jarreau Father Al Jarreau

Ryan’s father was a trendy name in the American music industry. His father was originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, born to a big family of six children on 12th March 1940. This Grammy Award winner is actually a psychology graduate. He started his music carrier at the age of 24 by singing in a nightclub.

Only after a decade, Al Jarreau could release this first album, We Got By. Shortly after that, his Look to the Rainbow album could make it to the top 50 on Billboard 200. This song was already a No. 5 on Jazz Albums and gave Al his first Grammy Award. Another Grammy award came from the album All Fly Home, and the third one is from In Harmony, which is a children’s recording.

And that’s not the end. Al’s real hit, Breakin’ Away, was released in 1981, which gave him two Grammy awards. The other work is seen in Jarreau, High Crime, Heaven and Earth (1992), and My Old Friend.

Al Jarreau also had a delighted marriage with his second wife, Susan. They were married for 40 years until Al’s death in 2017. Jarreau had suffered from cardiac arrhythmias since 2010 and faced pneumonia. In February of 2017, he died due to respiratory failure.

AI Jarreau, father of Ryan Jarreau in stage
American Singer, AI Jarreau.

Ryan Jarreau Mother Susan Player Was an Actor

Ryan’s mom Susan Player was also a popular name in Hollywood. This beautiful actress from Los Angeles was born on October 11, 1954. Her work was first seen in the movie Invasion of the Bees in 1973. She was also seen in the films like High School Girls and Pom Pom Girls.

Susan was hitched to Al in 1977 after the failure of his first marriage. She helped her husband in his music carrier, guiding his way to be the most successful musician of the century. Unfortunately, Susan couldn’t continue her own carrier for a long time. She died in 2019, two years after the death of her husband.

Ryan Jarreau mother, Susan player looking beautiful in black gown
American Actress, Susan Player.

Ryan Jarreau Still Misses His Parents

Ryan Jarreau was very close to both of his parents. He frequently shares the post about his parents and their epic love.

One of his posts with a picture of his father writes,

“I miss you a lot… Although you left us a few years ago, you’re still with me”.

His other post for Susan was captioned

“Happy Mother’s Day to you. You are my motivation who not only gave my life but guided me to love myself and be the better version. I miss you a lot.”

Ryan claims that he learned to love from his very romantic parents. He compares this relationship to that of his parents and tries to live up to their expectations.

Ryan Jarreau is a dog owner too.

Ryan has another lovely member of his family. He adopted a dog and raised him for more than a year. Ryan claims that his dog is his biggest baby and a long-time buddy.

Social Media Activities

Ryan is very active on Instagram. He shares the picture of his family and his work now and then. Moreover, Ryan mostly shares motivation posts for his 996 followers on Instagram. He has 728 friends on this Facebook.

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