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Ryan Trahan Age, Girlfriend Haley Pham Net Worth, Married

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Notable internet sensation, Ryan Trahan

These days, the internet and digital platforms have enabled many young people to pursue their dream careers. They simply need to present some creative content to their audience and be consistent, and that’s it. Likewise, Ryan Trahan is one notable internet sensation that you might know of. He is one of the most successful names in the YouTube community. Hence, to learn more about his age, girlfriend, net worth, and early life details, you need to bear us for a moment.

How Old is Ryan Trahan? Age and Early Life

The famous YouTuber and social media personality Ryan Trahan is currently 22 years of age, born in 1998. If you’re someone who follows him on his social media sites, you can wish him a happy birthday on October 7. The social media star was born in Sugar Land, Texas, but he currently resides a bit farther than his birthplace in Eagle Lake, Texas, United States.

At the moment, we do know that he has an older brother named Matthew Trahan, with whom he grew up and is currently living. He has never mentioned his parents’ name and their whereabouts, but while we take a deeper look into his social media accounts, we can observe his bonding with his father and brother Matthew. So, it’s just his mom who’s out of the picture. So as he was born in the United States, he holds an American nationality, but he belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.

Furthermore, you might be wondering how qualified is he on his academic credentials. Well, let us tell you the exclusive fact about his education. He graduated from his high school in Eagle Lake, joined A&M University for his Bachelor’s degree, but unfortunately dropped out of college.

Ryan Trahan Career

Ryan Trahan decided to drop out of his college, but what for? He quit his studies to begin his professional career as a social media star and content creator. He also had some ongoing issues with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which led him to take a massive step in his life. After giving up on his education, Trahan then started to come up with startups and business ideas.

As for his digital content-creating journey, he first came up with his YouTube channel in 2013 and uploaded his first-ever video named ARIEL/Short Film on May 22, 2014. He consistently came up with great content and has accumulated 3.67 million subscribers in seven years, which is quite outstanding. He generally posts videos about crazy kinds of stuff like surviving with the world’s smallest phone, surviving on $0.01 for a week.

Not to forget, he also started another YouTube channel just for posting his gaming videos in October 2013. We can see him playing Among Us, Minecraft, and many other games.

Apart from this, he is also an entrepreneur who owns a clothing store named Hydra Collective and has founded an eco-friendly jug company called Neptune Bottle. So this pretty much sums us his professional career.

Ryan Trahan Net Worth

With what we have written about Ryan’s career above, you must have made a general assumption of his earnings and fortune. As a famous internet sensation, YouTuber, Social media star, and entrepreneur, Ryan has amassed a net worth of $2 million for himself.


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If we just review his earnings from YouTube, he generates more than $5,500 per day. Undoubtedly, with two YouTube channels that altogether have 3.88 million subscribers, he makes a considerable amount. Besides, his earnings from his Bottle company and clothing line also contribute to his massive worth.

Is Ryan Trahan Married to a Girlfriend, Haley Pham?

While many of us assume that Ryan is married to Haley, we are completely mistaken. The duo is not married but is engaged. The couple had been reportedly dating since 2018 and finally got engaged in May 2020. However, their fans were quite skeptical regarding their engagement announcement, as they thought it was just a prank. Besides, Haley also posted a video named “Why I got engaged at 19” on her YouTube channel, which gave their fans a clearer vision of their engagement. The couple also bought their own house and started living together in the fall of 2019. Henceforth, we think they might be taking things slowly for their marriage.

Ryan Trahan smiling with his girlfriend, Haley Pham
Notable internet sensation, Ryan Trahan and his girlfriend, Haley Pham.

Who is Haley Pham? Age

Ryan Trahan’s girlfriend, or let’s say the future wife has the same profession as him. Haley Pham is also a well-celebrated YouTuber who currently has more than 2.21 million subscribers on her channel. She usually vlogs about cars, fashion and TikTok challenges, baking, posting haul videos, and many more.

To know her better, you need to visit her channel once. As for her age, she is currently 20 years old, as she was born on December 5, 2000. She joined YouTube in 2010, and throughout these years, we have seen her transform into a great lady. The YouTuber also is an entrepreneur who has her clothing line named Girly Pop Apparel.

Social Media Activities

As Ryan built up a base in his career through social media, he definitely has to be present in every major social media platform. Thus, we can find him on Instagram and YouTube with a whopping number of followers. Unlike many other struggling content creators, he already has a blue tick on his Instagram, which means he has a verified account. However, he just uses the Instagram platform for his primary use, like posting his single pictures, pictures with friends, family, outings, and many more. To see his actual creativity, you need to visit his YouTube.

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