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Who Is Ryan Whitney Wife? His Net Worth

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Image of professional hockey player, Ryan Whitney

Ryan Whitney pronounced “I do” to his bride Bryanah in a surprise wedding at Ryan’s Wollaston Golf Club. In the perfect setting for the wedding amongst mother nature, the two got married in June 2017. Ray has been blessed to be with someone as supportive as Bryanah Whitney. Aren’t you excited to hear their love story?

Who Is Ryan Whitney?

Born on 19th February 1983, this 39-year-old retired NHL player is amongst the richest Hockey player in the USA. Ryan’s childhood with two siblings in Scituate, Massachusetts was quite fun. He began learning hockey from a small age. After years of practice, Ryan is now the most successful NHL player of the last two decades.

Ryan Whitney’s Wife Bryanah Whitney. Meet His Kids

Ryan Whitney never talked about his relationship to the public before his surprise wedding. In June 2017, when the couple published their wedding photos on social media, people were in real shock. The private wedding ceremony in the Wollaston Golf Club was remarkable. Since then, the couple is leading quite a happy life.

Image of professional hockey player, Ryan Whitney and his wife
A professional hockey player, Ryan Whitney, and his wife, Bryanah Whitney.

Bryanah Whitney is a very supportive spouse who left her own career to support her husband. Throughout his career, Ryan was always spinning and moving from one city to another. Every new city brings whole new challenges to the family.

Raising two children amidst such an unstable settlement has never been easy for Bryanah. As a housewife, Bryanah supported her husband in every possible way.

Later, when Bryanah got an opportunity to film the everyday lives of family NHL players family, she immediately agreed.

She said,

“I have been related to NHL for a long time. While it’s a great life with lots of friends and excitement, the family have our own struggle”.

Few episodes of the films were released.

Ryan Whitney Kids

Soon after marriage, Ryan gave birth to two lovely sons. Ryan spends most of his time pampering his kids, Ryder Whitney (2017) and Wyatt Whitney (2020). Sadly, Ryan has kept his family away from the camera and no details of his kids are available on the internet.

Ryan Whitney Net Worth, Salary, and Career Earning

Ryan Whitney started his professional hockey carrier at the age of 16. He commenced playing during his study at Thayer Academy. He continued to learn Hockey while being at Boston University. Over the years, Ryan has committed to Scranton Penguins (2003 to 2006), Pittsburgh Penguins (2005 to 2009), and Edmonton Oilers (2009 to 2013). His major achievement was winning the 2010 Winter Olympics silver medal for America. After two decades of game, Ryan finally settled as an analyst at NHL Network.

All these games for the past have earned him the fortune of $12 million. Currently ranked 588th by the National Hockey League, he had earned US$26,812,836 in his carrier.

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