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Sabrina McGillivray (Scott McGillivray’s Wife) Age, Bio, and Wiki

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sabrina McGillivary with her husband,a famous celebrity, Scott McGillivary

Sabrina McGillivray may not be a celebrity, but she is a well-known personality. She is a celebrity wife married to the Canadian author and television host Scott McGillivray. Sabrina is a school teacher by profession. Born in Ontario, Canada, to parents Lucy and Danny, her full name is Anna-Sabrina McGillivray.

Educated at her hometown school at an early age, Sabrina was a passionate dancer while she was in school. She is a trained dancer while she was 12 years old.

Sabrina got her higher education from York University Toronto, Canada, and Medaille College Buffalo, USA. She has been a successful and passionate teacher; however, her marriage brought her to fame. Let’s learn more facts about Scott McGillivray’s wife, Sabrina McGillivray, and her age in this article.

How old is Sabrina McGillivray? Age, Parents, and Bio

Sabrina was born on April 7, 1978. As of 2021, she is 43 years old. We have the names of her parents. Her father was Danny Deacetis, and her mother was Lucy Deacetis. However, more detail about her parents is unknown.

Here is a short bio of the celebrity wife.

NameSabrina McGillivray
Name by BirthAnna-Sabrina Deacetis
Birth PlaceOntario, Canada
Date of BirthApril 7, 1978
EducationYork University Toronto
ProfessionElementary School Teacher
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseScott McGillivray
Kids2 Daughters

Myah and Layla McGillivray

Sabrina McGillivray is married to Scott McGillivray

Sabrina and Scott McGillivray are husband and wife. The school teacher came to sudden fame after she got married to the Canadian TV personality, Scott.

The couple tied the marital knot in 2009 and has been in a joyful married life. They have met while they were on a beach vacation. Scott was the one who initiated a conversation with Sabrina as he invited her to play volleyball. She refused the invitation then, but the same night they reencountered each other during dinner.

The dinner encounter suddenly changed the scenario where they had a friendly conversation. They admired the company of each other and started to date and got married ultimately.

Their wedding dance had gone viral since people liked the couple’s dance. Scott was a familiar face already, so people showed interest in watching the couple dance. Both have supported one another in their professions since they became husband and wife.

Beautiful Sabrina McGillivary in black dress with her husband scott
Beautiful couple Sabrina and Scott

Children with Scott McGillivray

The couple has been in the married life for 12 years now. They have been living an ideal couple’s life. Their lives have become complete after the arrival of their two daughters. Their first child, Myah McGillivray, arrived in 2012 and the second girl in 2013.

Who is Sabrina McGillivray Husband, Scott McGillivray?

Sabrina McGillivray’s husband, Scott McGillivray, is a famous television personality in Canada. He was born in Canada in 1978. Scott went to the University of Guelph for his higher studies and graduated in 2001.

His television show ‘Income Property’ that he hosted from 2008 to 2016 on HGTV Canada made him a popular television host. He hosts ‘Scott’s Vacation House’ and ‘Scott’s Vacation House Rules’ on HGTV Canada in recent days. He has also appeared on television series, establishing his reputation as Canada’s most popular TV host.

Scott has authored books on investment ideas. As an entrepreneur and investor, he shares valuable tips and ideas to invest wisely to make the most out of it. He always had an investing mind that has made him a successful investor. He had started investing at a young age in his early twenties.

Scott is a successful and big name as an investment educator. He runs several companies, including McGillivray entertainment. The television personality also co-founds Keyspire. He imparts the knowledge of wise real estate knowledge.

Her career as a Teacher

Sabrina’s primary profession is teaching. She is a passionate school teacher. The star wife is also a helping hand in her husband’s business projects. She has also invested in real estate. As a teacher by profession, Sabrina earns decent money in Canada. However, her income source is not limited only to her job. She is also an investor and makes money investing in real estate.

A long-time teacher teaching elementary school kids in Canada, Sabrina has amassed about $800K in net worth. In addition, she also gets to have the luxury of her husband’s whopping net worth of $4 million. The couple is enjoying a luxurious life with their two daughters dividing time to live in between Canada and the USA.

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