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Samantha Lux Age, Transformation, Wiki and Facts

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Samantha Lux looking ellegant in long curly hair

Samantha Lux is one of the most prominent YouTubers and is open about her sexuality. Furthermore, she has documented her transformation journey for all of her fans to see. She symbolizes the lgbtqi+ community and inspires those who are frightened to come out of the closet. Her makeup videos have been trending on Tiktok recently.

Therefore, find more about Samantha Lux and how much she’s made from her internet presence through this article.

Who Is Samantha Lux? Body Transformation

Samantha Lux is a YouTube content creator from the United States. In March 2011, she launched her own YouTube channel. As a transgender blogger, she has gained much attention for documenting her transition from male to female. Lux is well-known for her videos depicting real-life transgender women’s challenges. She often makes comments on videos about homophobic news that affects the Trans community.

Moreover, Samantha Lux is possibly single and has never been married. She’s had several operations, including hormone replacement therapy and gender confirmation surgery. Lux also had a single-stage breast augmentation, which featured silicone implants inserted beneath the muscles. She is an animal lover and owned Morkie (a mixed breed dog, hybrid between dogs and cats).

Samantha Lux look amazing in long hair
American YouTube Content Creator, Samantha Lux.

Early Life, Education, and Parents

The social media star Samantha Lux was born on May  20, 1997, and was raised in a small town in Massachusetts, USA. Her sun sign is Pisces. Samantha has two older siblings; brother TJ and sister Kayla. Since a child, she liked dressing up and doing makeup instead of playing with her brother. This was the earlier sign when Lux knew she was different.

Similarly, In her video titled “Telling My Conservative Dad I’m Trans,” she opens up about how hard it was to speak up about her sexuality to her conservative father but now assures that her father is a supporter of her.

Furthermore, Samantha went to the University of Massachusetts and graduated with a degree in Communication and Political Science. She is a student of gender construction and marginalized groups.

How Did Samantha Gain Success?

She is a digital content creator who gained fame from her videos on her channel showcasing the transition from male to female transgender. As of November 2021, she has 626k subscribers on YouTube with over 45 million views. She began her YouTube career by showing her emotional journey of becoming a female.

Lux uses her position to advocate social change, focusing on reducing discrimination against transgender people. She is efficiently winning over the hearts of people who may have never heard of her before, using a combination of storytelling videos, instructional information, surgery films, and, of course, a little humor.

Meanwhile, Samantha is also rising in Tiktok as a beauty and makeup instructor with 1.2 million views. She is also doing good in her other social networks. On Twitter, she has 16.5K followers and 83.6K followers on Instagram.

Samatha Lux in before look
Female Transgender, Samantha Lux.

Samantha Lux Net Worth

Samantha Lux has emerged into the field of social networking and has shown incredible talent via her YouTube journey. Over the years, she has maintained growth in her channel and is indeed making a wholesome living from it. As of now, she is one of the financially stable creators with a net worth of $1 million.

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