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Samantha Ortiz Age, Parents, and Wiki-Bio

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Samantha Ortiz taking photograph with cute pose

The famous face of “Little women: Atlanta,” Samantha Ortiz, is loved for her unique role in seasons 2 and 3. Her dwarfism has attracted the viewer to her personal life. Also, Sam is known for her relationship with Michael Anderson, the actor in the same TV show.

Along with being a reality show star, she is also a freelance makeup artist. This article is about the personal of Samantha Ortiz and her parents.

How old is Samantha Ortiz? Birthday and Bio

Currently 23, Samantha was born on January 18 of 1995. She was born in Atlanta but later moved to New Jersey to start her acting carrier. She joined the set of little women: Atlanta in the year 2016. Sam was among the youngest members of the cast. She was already connected with other show members Tanya Scott and Monie Cachette. She worked on the set for almost two years before leaving the show.

In 2017, Sam started her business, “Sam’s Glam Shop.” This online makeup store sells glitter palates and other beauty products.

 Samantha Ortiz’s Parents and Family

Samantha’s mother Maria and father Juan love their little girl a lot. She grew up in her hometown Atlanta with her brother Juan Ortiz, Gio, and Carlos. Her dwarfism, called Chondrodystrophy, started from a very young age. Some people in her family, including her aunt and cousin, have also developed similar symptoms. Thankfully, her father and brothers have not been infected.

Her other relatives include Nephew and Niece Xavier Ortiz, Reyna Ortiz, and Nayeli Ortiz. She also has a cousin Jeleyca Pagan and aunt Tatiana in the family. Samantha is very close to her dad. She wrote, “I am blessed to have a father like you. Happy Birthday Daddy,” over her Instagram last year.

Samantha Ortiz is dating a boyfriend, Michael Anderson

Sam first knew Micheal in the year 2016, before starting to film the show. The two dated for a short before Sam went back and forth to her hometown. They used to talk in the video chat a couple of times every week. Sam had also planned for Micheal to met her parents in New York, but he didn’t come to the dinner due to a work issue.

After the long-distance relationship started to cause misunderstanding, she shifted to New Jersey. The two kept their dating life a secret until season 4 of the show. Now, they are in the 5th year of a romantic relationship. Micheal lived in New Jersey while first acting in the 4th season of Little Women: Atlanta. He was first seen in an episode of “Sex and the city.” This 22-year-old handsome man was born on October 6, 1999.

Samantha Ortiz is the owner of Sam’s Glam Shop

Samantha shop Glam Shop had been delivering top-quality makeup products since 2017. Sam has given all her time and dedication to making her brand. She manages the entire team and picks all of her products. Her shop has collected some pretty impressive feedback.

Samantha Ortiz looks stunning in short hair
A cast member of Little Women Atlanta, Samantha Ortiz

Height and Net Worth

Samantha has suffered from dwarfism since childhood. Her height is lesser than 4 feet. However, we still don’t know how much she weighs or what her physical measurements are. Sam currently makes her earnings from her shop. Also, her work in the Little women made quite a reasonable sum of money. Her current net worth is almost $1.5 million.

Social Media Activities

Sam is very active on her social media, sharing glamorous photos of her holidays. Along with her photos, she loves to share funny memes and motivational posts. Her Instagram account with the name @smokeydabear___ has 403k followers.

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