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Samantha Taffer: Age, Bio, Mother Nicole Taffer and Facts about Jon Taffer, Daughter.

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Image of Samantha Taffer and her husband, Cody Hanley

Samantha Taffer is the only child of the famous American businessman Jon Taffer. Despite being the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the restaurant biz, she prefers to stay far away from public exposure. In this article, some unknown facts about this lesser-known daughter are explored. Find out who raised her, whom she is married to and what she is up to these days below.

 How old is Samantha Taffer? Age and Bio

The beloved daughter of the hospitality expert of America, Samantha, is one of the new talents ready to conquer the movie industry. She is already a reality star and was seen in a few episodes of the famous, notorious program ‘Bar Rescue. Her biological mom is hidden from the media and is unknown. However, she is raised by the familiar public persona, Nicole Taffer as a stepmother.

Taffer is the only child and is the center of all the love and affection of her parents. Being in the media’s eyes harms the newborn of the celebrities, and it might lead to mental tantrums in the future. So to keep Samantha safe and give her a simple childhood to cherish later, she was kept away from media.

There might not be much information about her school days; nevertheless, she was born and raised in the United States. Samantha is currently in her early thirties and was born in the year 1989.

Samantha Taffer is the daughter of Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer is an angry older man and seems to get in fights often, but when it comes to his daughter, Samantha, he is very soft and considerable. The father-daughter duo is very close and is seen doing fun things together. Like a supportive father, Jon Taffer helped his daughter enter the glam life of Hollywood by introducing her to his connections. Her first debut show was possible because of him.

Eventually, the saddest day for any father too arrived in the life of Jon Taffer, when he had to give away the hand of his precious daughter to the business owner, Cody Hanley. Samantha looked stunning in her lace bridal gown, accompanied by a proud father across the aisle.

Meet Samantha Taffer Step-Mother Nicole Taffer

Nicole Taffer is highly known as the spectacular wife of the bar owner, Jon Taffer. She is the second love of Jon and is a loving stepmother to Nicole Taffer. She came into the lives of the two for good as she is the foundation that connects the family.

Samantha makes life easier for her husband and balances their relationship from boring middle-aged couples to high profile reality couples. Jon Taffer is a lucky man to have an understanding wife like Nicole Taffer. The 46 years old mother of just fourteen years of a different daughter, Nicole Taffer, is a Native American. She was born on 16 February 1973 and came into the limelight when she married a famous public figure.

Despite being the wife of a well-known entertainer, she has managed to own a different fan base. During her appearance in reality tv with her husband, she became the light of the show. Recently, Nicole went viral due to her death news that surfaced all over the internet. However, the incident never took place, and she is healthy and busy gaining success as a reality star. She is also an Instagram influencer with 10.7 k followers.

Samantha Taffer with her father Jon Taffer and step-mother Nicole Taffer
American actress Samantha Taffer with her parents

Samantha Taffer Husband and Kids

Samantha Taffer is married to her long-time boyfriend, Cody Hanley. Like her father, Cody is also into business. The duo likes one other’s company behind closed doors and leads a tranquil lifestyle. They sometimes are featured in socials of Nicole and Jon Taffer in family gatherings. The young couple seems to focus on each other and is making memories to look back at when they grow old. Hence there is no news about them having any kids.

Samantha Taffer smiling with her husband Cody Hanley and grasp a dog
Gorgeous Samantha with her husband, Cody Hanley


Sam is a newbie in the film industry and is still trying to be the next thing in Hollywood. She started rising to fame with her father’s show, ‘Bar Rescue.’ She was featured on two episodes, On the rock and Murphy’s mess. Jon Taffer, the show host, helps many struggling business owners, especially in the food chains area, survive.

Meanwhile, Samantha helps her father in his revenues and is preparing to take over one day. Since the show, Taffer is quiet and is in little buzz. Hopefully, we will get to see much more from her in the coming days.

Net Worth

Samantha is a woman of actions rather than words. The sophisticated lady is the future inherits of her wealthy dad, who is worth over$10 million. Even though her Net worth is hidden, she has a vast sum of money in her bank.

Social Media Activities

As mentioned above, Samantha is not that open when it comes to her personal life. She is also not that active in social media and tries to stay far from it. However, she is in Instagram with a private account. In Twitter, she can be found with the user name @SamiT727.

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