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Sara Calaway Age and Biography of The Undertaker Ex-Wife

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Images of former partner of a celebrated wrestler, Sara Calway

To be known as the life partner or former partner of a celebrated personality must be a different feeling. Though people find it fascinating, it must be stressful too. Nonetheless, how difficult could it be if you are the life partner of the iconic WWE superstar ‘The Undertaker.’ Sara Calaway enjoyed name and fame along with her former husband, Undertaker. But as of now, she has parted ways with him and is married to the actor Jason Schnuit. Continue reading to know everything about Sara.

Sara Calaway Age and Early Life

A native of California, Sara Calaway was born on 21st July 1977. She is 44 years at present. She might be the only daughter of her parents, Karen Frank (father) and Carol E. Frank(mother), as there are no details of her siblings. Moreover, she was raised in a family of Caucasian descent that followed the Christian religion.

Now, talking about her early life, it has been known that she has loved wrestling since childhood. Maybe that is why she herself pursued her career in that field and also married the great wrestler ‘The Undertaker.’

Sara Calaway was married to Former husband, The Undertaker

Mark Calaway is widely popular with his ring name “The Undertaker.” Sara Calaway is the ex-wife of the wrestler. Fate brought them together, and the duo met in the ring of WWE. She met Undertaker with a coincidence where she was babysitting the children of his fan. It is believed that they were headed over heels in love at first sight. The deep love of Mark led him to tattoo Sara’s name on his neck, which he has covered with his children’s name after divorce.

Their love grew stronger with time, and they welcomed two beautiful girls into the world. Their first daughter, Chasey Calaway, was born in November 21 of 2002, whereas the second daughter, Gracie Calaway, was born in May 15 of 2005. Due to some misunderstanding, they parted ways in 2007 and happily taking care of their daughter till today.

Sara Calway with her ex-husband, Undertaker
Undertaker, a famous wrestler with his former wife, Sara Calway

Sara is currently married to Jason Schnuit

Sara Calaway is the proud wife of Jason Schnuit, the renowned actor of Hollywood. They have been widely popular for their love life and romantic relationship. The duo met in the year 2008 while practicing World Wrestling Entertainment which they also belong to. It is widely believed that they fell in love at first sight and were dating each other until the end of the year. Finally, at the end of 2008, they announced their engagement and were in close relation with each other. In 2009, they were legally married to each other on the glamorous beach of California. Furthermore, they have kept information concerning their children hidden behind closed doors. So, because of that, we are not sure if the couple has children together or not.

Jason Schnuit is a popular actor who has starred in many movies such as Virgins of Sherwood Forest and Burning Desires. Though he is 48 years old, he is still considered a very attractive persona by his fans. He is well known for his elegant physic and personality.

Career and Net Worth

Though Sara is famous as the ex-wife of Undertaker, the lady has also established her own identity in the WWE world. She opted to work in the field of wrestling for a while as she was also a great admirer of the field. So in 2001, the lady made her debut in the wrestling world as a valet for her ex-husband.

In addition to that, she was also seen on the ring once in 2001, where she fought under the RAW category of WWE. Additionally, she is also said to have appeared in some movies and documentaries. Furthermore, the profession and relations of Sara have rewarded her well, and it is estimated that her net worth could be more than $200,000. It is also widely reported that she earns an annual salary of around $80,000.

Ex-husband “The Undertaker” 

The Undertaker, a.k.a. Mark William Calaway, is not an unknown name even in today’s generation. Everyone knows him as a legendary wrestler, but do you know how he began his career and what his accomplishments are. If you don’t know, here’s all you really need to know. The Undertaker began his wrestling career in 1984, and it was during that time he came up with his stage name, ‘The Undertaker.’ Slowing making his name in the industry, he was featured on television after 6 years, i.e., 1990, via Survivor Series. Furthermore, he entered the WWE world in 1989.

Since then, he gained name, fame, and everything that a struggling wrestler dreams of. He also adopted various other nicknames like Commando, The Punisher, to name a few. The 6 feet 10-inch legendary wrestler’s humongous heavyweight of 104 kgs was enough to scare many fellow fighters. He won multiple championships and awards throughout his wrestling career, and the Eyegore Award is one of them. Now, the legend is enjoying his retirement since 2020.

In addition to wrestling, he has also made his appearance in the movies, TV shows, and video games.

With such an accomplished career, we are confident that The Undertaker is enjoying a lavish lifestyle. According to the reports, the legend has acquired a net worth of $17 million as of 2021.

Undertaker, Ex-husband of Sara Calaway in the WWE ring
A legendary wrestler, The Undertaker, a.k.a. Mark William Calaway

Body Measurements and Social Media

Being a former wrestling valet, her physical appearance is frequently inquired about by the public. So, shading light on her physical attributes, she stands at a towering height of 5 feet and 10 inches and has maintained her body mass a healthy body bass of 60kg. Impressive, isn’t it? Her beautiful blond hair and large eyes further add to the charm of her personality. Overall we must admit that she appears to be no less than a model.

Likewise, Undertaker’s ex-wife, Sara, is on social media; however, she isn’t active there. She can be found on Twitter as @CalawaySara. She joined the site in 2012 but has made no tweet until now.

This might be due to the lady’s preference for privacy.

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