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Scott Blokker (Shaun T Husband) Age, Net Worth, and Bio

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Scott Blokker with his husband, Shaun T

Scott Blokker and Shaun T have grabbed the public attention like no other couple. The reason behind this might be because they’re one wonderful gay couple whose relationship has stood strong for many years. While the fitness trainer Shaun and his insights are publicly known, relatively less is transparent about Scott. Henceforth, we came up with this article to spotlight Scott Blokker’s age, net worth, and bio details. So please read till the end.

Who is Scott Blokker? Age and Early Life

To introduce Scott Blokker, he is a former soccer player and presently a model. However, he is also widely known for being the husband of Shaun T, a motivational speaker, fitness trainer, and entrepreneur. Now moving towards his spouse Scott, a 49-year-old native of New York who was born on December 8, 1971.

As per our records, he comes from Caucasian heritage. His parents’ information came to no avail but what we know about his early life is that he was raised in Seattle, Washington, even though he was born in New York. He also has a brother named Kevin Blokker, who is older than him. They share a special bond, and his brother Kevin was also a groomsman at his wedding. Both of the brothers lived with their parents in Seattle until they grew up. Besides, both of the boys were fond of every kind of sport during their childhood. They played every sport but eventually decided to make a career in soccer.

Scott Blokker Career

So as his passion for soccer grew, he started playing for his college. He became a professional player in no time and also participated in the NSL around the 1990s. As per our records, we can tell you that he has played for some top teams like Cincinnati, Portland, Buffalo, and Sweden.

In fact, he played soccer for an entire decade of his life. Undoubtedly, he amassed lots of love, experience, and knowledge from his ten-year-long soccer career. Later, after retiring, he joined his parent’s business and took care of it. We exactly do not know much about the business, but he has done great in it. Furthermore, he again wanted a career switch, and he decided to chase his interest in the modeling field. Hence, he is now known as a supermodel based in New York who shows off his handsome looks for many brands.

Net Worth and Salary

After what we wrote about his career, you might have made some assumptions regarding his income sources. Firstly, he might have earned a tremendous amount from his soccer career. After that, he also makes an incredible sum from his parents’ business venture and has been earning a great figure as a model. Hence, his worth is estimated to be not less than $1 million. As he is continuing his modeling career, we are sure his income will be doubled in a few years.

Scott Blokker is married to a husband, Shaun T.

Scott and his boyfriend, Shaun T married each other in 2012. However, they preferred to stay quiet low-key about their marital relationship. Later, Shaun announced their marriage through a tweet in 2012. They have not yet revealed their wedding dates and venue, but one of the wedding attendees named Alex Coloroe posted their wedding picture on her Twitter and Instagram and wrote,

“The two most amazing people in the entire world, so happy for you both.”

The couple has been married for nine years, but they were reportedly dating for two years before their wedding, so technically, they have been together for eleven years now.

Furthermore, Scott even mentioned that Shaun was the first gay professional guy he met in his life. Despite their same sexuality, the couple has managed to live a happy and content married life, and there are no signs of tensions in their relationship. In fact, we can quite often see the couple working out together on their Instagram posts. Being married to a fitness trainer has been a perk to Scott as he also seems to have a great body.

Scott Blokker with his husband, Shaun T
A former soccer player, Scott with his husband, Shaun T

Scott Blokker is the father of twins.

The lovely couple also happens to be the fathers of beautiful twins. They share two sons named Sander and Silas. They were born on November 17, 2017, via surrogacy. The two were born prematurely at 32 weeks. The children are now four years old. Silas Rhys is from Scott’s sperm, and Sanders Vaughan is from Shaun’s sperm, even though the couple had the same egg donor.

Furthermore, they struggled a lot for these two sons. According to reports, Sander and Silas were born after twelve attempts, six egg donors, five surrogate mothers, and two doctors. They even spent thousands of dollars to conceive their child. Finally, they’re now happy parents of their two sons.

Scott Blokker and Shaun T with their twins children
Scott Blokker and Shaun T with their twins

Husband Shaun T Net Worth and Career

We have written enough about Scott and his personal life, but now let’s have a look at his celebrity husband Shaun T and his career. You all might have already known his husband Shaun as a fitness trainer and motivator. He also belongs to few fitness trainers who have made their names to Wikipedia. Shaun is best known for his fitness programs like T25, Insanity, Hip-Hop Abs, Cize, and Let’s Get Up! Furthermore, his programs are mainly aimed at children and adults. He is also in a podcast “Trust and Believe with Shaun T.” With this amazing career; he has accumulated a substantial wealth of $12 million.

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