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Seckond Chaynce Wiki, Age, Net Worth, and Bio

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Image of the famous rapper, Seckond Chaynce

Seckond Chaynce is a lesser know gem of the American music industry. Throughout his career, he has published over 200 songs. However, despite being a public figure, Seckond prefers to live a very lowkey life. He had a rough childhood, so he never tries to flex his current lifestyle. Along with growing success, he is also blessed with a child. 

Who Is Seckond Chaynce? 

Seckond Chaynce is an ascending rapper and singer based in America. He is one of the underrated vocalists and has terrific songs like Head Over Heels and My World. His songs are available on YouTube and SoundCloud. Talking about his private life, he is quite secretive, and he has yet to reveal his date of birth. However, he is a father of an incredible daughter.

Moreover, there is no information about his marital status, and it is still unknown who is the mother of his daughter. As a little boy, Seckond Chaynce had a hard time in his neighborhood and had to be a drug dealer to feed himself, which you will find out later in this article.

How Old Is Seckond Chaynce? Birthday

Seckond Chaynce is the stage name of Trevor Thomas, who was born in Jacksonville of Florida. As mentioned above, his birthday is not known; probably it’s because he never got to celebrate it as a child. He appears to be approximately 26 years old based on his photographs. Being raised by a single mother, he had his struggles. Still, he was able to bring his life on the right track.

In addition, Trevor is very religious and believes in god. He thinks he got a second chance in life when he could have been killed in the dangerous surrounding. Metaphorically, that is why he chose Seckond Chaynce as his calling name.

Seckond Chyance in black hoodie
Gem of the American music industry, Seckond Chaynce.

Seckond Chaynce Family and Bio

Seckond Chaynce, along with his two siblings, was bought up in a challenging environment. There is no apparent information about his father and why he left. Thus, Chaynce used his musical passion as a coping mechanism. His mother, on the other hand, gave up everything to protect the family. Yet, she stood firm like a rock and tried her best to give the perfect life to her kids.

Meanwhile, as a curious teenager, Seckond got carried away and went into underground drug society. Eventually, he was drawn towards easy money, dropped out of school, and became a drug peddler. After that, he started traveling and meeting new people.

Somehow that made him the person he is now. His dedication to music didn’t allow him to waste his life, and luckily he met the right people at the right time. Finally, the rapper started his music journey, which defiantly worked in his favor.

Net Worth

Seckond Chaynce has risen to fame through his fantastic songwriting skills. He is one of the best self-made artists. Yet, as an outsider and from a completely different world, Chaynce still has managed to rule the industry. Along with a music career, he is also a YouTuber and an entrepreneur.

Similarly, the rapper is the owner of his merch, Young & Dirty. Again, the brand is all about comfort and prints. His company is doing great, and every second, their product gets sold out. From all his endorsement and resource, the net worth of Seckond Chaynce is calculated to be around $100 thousand. However, this piece of information is not official.

Seckond Chaynce, Daughter

On the first of February, seven years ago, Seckond got the greatest gift in the entire world. He welcomed an adorable princess. As a father, Chaynce is trying his best to give his daughter the childhood he never had. His child is his most prized possession, and he prefers to keep her hidden from the public eye.

Chaynce is seen going on play dates and having jam sessions with his offspring. They have a powerful bond, and he is a perfect father.

Daughter of Seckond Chaynce
Gem of the American music industry. Seckond Chaynce’s daughter.

Social Media Activities

Seckond Chaynce has a strong presence on social media, especially on Facebook, with 1.3 million followers. He hasn’t forgotten his roots, though, and is quite down to earth. He often appreciates his fans and is very humble towards them on social sites.

Furthermore, he promotes his work and shares pictures of his amazing daughter. On Twitter, he has 4,556 followers, and on Instagram, 208k people follow him. Recently the rapper is exploring Tiktok as well.

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