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Senada Greca Age and Biography

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Senada Greca Age and Biography

If you are an avid Instagram and TikTok user, you have certainly come across the fitness trainer and influencer Senada Greca. In the competitive digital world, Ms. Greca has stood out among many internet sensations. She has not only nailed her fitness career but has also helped millions of people to achieve their goals. As her prominence rises day by day on social media platforms, people are more curious about her exclusive facts like age, husband, and other details.

How old is Senada Greca? Age and Date of Birth

Senada Greca is a 39-year-old fitness trainer and influencer from Albania. If you are surprised by her age, that is one of the perks of being a fitness expert that they can defy aging perfectly. Moreover, she was reportedly born on August 30, 1982. Although she was born in Albania, she currently resides in Philadelphia.

Senada Greca Biography and Early Life

As we said earlier, she was born in Albania in 1982, but to whom she was born is a mystery. The fitness expert was born to mother Sefedin Najada Greca and a father whose name is unknown. She belonged to a multiracial family as their parents come from different heritage. Furthermore, she happens to be the eldest daughter of their parents as she has two younger sisters. Their names are Erina Greca and Indrit Greca, and both of them are models.

Senada Greca with her parents
Senada Greca with her parents

Moreover, the fitness expert shares the same birthday with her sister Erina. All of the three sisters were raised in Albania by their parents. Regarding her education, she is a business school graduate and holds her MBA degree from Binghamton University. She has even worked for some finance and sales companies with her degree before starting her fitness career.

Senada Greca and her sisters
Senada Greca and her sisters, Erina Greca and Indrit Greca

Is Senada Greca married to a husband?

Now, as you know about her early life and family background, you must be curious about her relationship/marital status. You might all be assuming that she might be married as she is running in her 38, but hold on, age doesn’t decide when you should be getting in a marital relationship. Now, after reading this, you might have got the hint. Yes, the 39-year-old stunningly beautiful fitness model is unmarried yet.

However, two of her sisters are already married and have started their family. Her sister Erina is married to Alex Amarildo and has two kids, whereas Indrit is married to Redi and has a son. Now, as she’s unmarried, her relationship status remains the biggest question. Canada is dating an unknown guy, and we came to know it via Instagram. She posted a picture of her with a handsome guy on 2020 Valentine’s Day and wrote a lengthy heart-warming caption.

Senada Greca with her boyfriend
Senada Greca with her boyfriend

Career and Net Worth

Senada Greca has an incredible career as one of the best fitness trainers in the United States. She has dedicated herself to her fitness program “Crush it,” which helps thousands of her clients to get into better shape and health. She first developed an interest in fitness as she was always an athlete from an early age. Hence, Senada now helps others adapt to their fitness regime. She also has another program called “womensbest” to help her clients.

Furthermore, she runs an app called Senada Greca app, where people can get access to her unique workouts, personalized nutrition plans, and access to pescatarian as well. With this fantastic career, she has around $700,000 of net worth. Furthermore, she also makes money from her presence on social media platforms as she works very hard to provide her fitness content to her fans on Instagram and TikTok. Considering her rising prominence, her worth is likely to increase in upcoming years.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Being a fitness freak for many years, Senada certainly has managed a stunning shape. She stands at an incredible height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 57 kg. She looks absolutely attractive with her six-pack abs and a gorgeous face complemented by her blonde hair.

Social Media Activities

Canada certainly is present in almost all of the mainstream social media sites. On Instagram, she has a verified account, and a whopping number of people follow her. Hence, to engage her 3.3 million followers, she regularly feeds us with fitness content. She is seen sharing some specific videos for legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and many more.

Likewise, her workout videos go viral on TikTok, and she has become one of the most followed fitness personalities on the platform. Moreover, the fitness trainer is also on Facebook and Twitter with a considerable amount of followers.

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