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Shane Blanchard Age and Wiki-Biography 

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Image of Shane Blanchard

Shane Blanchard is the face behind popular pop band Bane’s World. He is not just a singer but also the writer and producer for this band. Engaged with America’s finest band with some major hit songs and successful music tours, Blanchard is quite famous for his work.

But this article mostly writes his personal journey of life. Are you guys ready? Then dive in to know about his age and wiki-bio.

How old is Shane Blanchard? Age and Birthday.

Shane Blanchard is currently 25 years old. He originally belongs to Long Beach, CA, and was born in 1996. Every year, a talented singer celebrates his birthday on 20th June.

Shane Blanchard looks amazing
Singer, Shane Blanchard

Parents, Family, and Wiki-Bio.

Shane was born as Shane Maurice Blanchard to Elisabeth and Mark in a middle-class family of three children. Elisabeth is a great mother who nourished him to be the man he is today.

Blanchard wrote in his Instagram account,

“ My mom checks on me every day to make sure that I am doing fine.. I love you mom”.

Shane’s brother Rowan Blanchard is quite famous in Hollywood, acting up in the shows like “The back-up” plan and more. Blanchard was very small (2-3 years) when his brother had already started acting. Rowan turned out to be quite famous. He grew up with sister Carmen Blanchard, another fine TV actress. Shane is quite close to his sister and often posts the video of them playing a song together. They like to gather on holidays or wherever they are free. The entire Blanchard family turned out to be Hollywood faces. Blanchards’ Wikipedia page is not available.

Shane Blachard with her sister in young age
Frontman of Banes World, Shane Blanchard and her sister, Carmen Blanchard, in their young age

Blanchard is the frontman of Banes World.

Shane started his carrier with the EP song “Drowsy” in 2016. Since then, he has been the creator, producer, writer, and singer of Banes World. He has made the biggest performance with Antonio Aiello and Michael Seyer. He was also seen in the show with Vincent Reyes and Eric Baisa. His Bane’s world gives the sense of 70s rock music that is loved by America even today.

In 2018, Bane’s World band gave a big show in Coachella and Camp Flog Gnaw. He enjoys writing “sad love songs,” with the feel of true love. He can make his guitar gently do the magic while his words express a peaceful soul. Blanchard’s jazzy and retro song quickly took him to a successful height as a bedroom pop artist.

Blanchard Sexual Scandal

in July of 2020, Bane’s World creator had been a part of its sexual scandal. He was accused of taking advantage of a 15-year-old teenage girl’s languid ballads. Many comments on Twitter and Instagram turned bitter when the girl claimed that Shane sexually harassed her. The girl accused that she was forced to send nudes when they were drunk and later abused by the popular frontman singer.

No proof of the case was ever found. Although Shane’s taste for young girls says that this story is not entirely false, the true events are hidden somewhere. He has not faced any legal issues due to his scandal. Let’s hope that the case will soon be studied and the guilty party would be punished.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Shane is 6 feet 2 inches tall. The popular pop singer weighs 103.4kgs. He wears a dress size of 14 and a shoe size of 12.5 (US).

 Social Media Activities

Shane is quite active on Instagram with the name banesworld. He has over 250 posts and 53k followers who regularly check Shane’s activities. His Youtube channel created in 2013 has 39.2k followers and 3.5 million total views.

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