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Shazi Raja Age, Ethnicity, Biography

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Image of Shazi Raja

Shazi Raja is an American born with a mixed heritage. Yet, she is inspirational to many who have similar problems with identity crises. As a result, her debut TV drama, High Maintenance, was able to gain popularity. What are her age and ethnicity? Find more about this rising star below.

How Old Is Shazi Raja? Birthday

Shazi Raja is the face of diversity and emerging talent in the American film industry. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, in the United States. Although having American citizenship, Raja has always struggled with her identity due to her Asian heritage, which is explained in detail further in the article. In addition, find out when she celebrates her birthday below.

Currently, Shazi is in her late 20s and is about to reach the big thirty. On May 13th, 1992, she came to this beautiful world. Since her childhood days, movies have helped her to connect with the visual world. However, at just the age of eight, she already knew her goal in life: to pursue performing arts. So eventually, after completing high school, she attended Rutgers University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

Shazi Raja Biography and Ethnicity

The rising fame Shazi is known for her outstanding role in the hit HBO drama, High Maintenance.’ She entered the movie business by joining the theatre company, Huntington. From her first role as Talisha in the play Milk Like Sugar,’ she owned a place in the film world and received her first award. Apart from a movie star job, she loves to travel to new places. Shazi struggled to book an acting gig at the start of her career due to her mixed race.

She was born to a Pakistani father, so she has a diverse heritage that impacts her facial structure. In an interview, Raja did admit that no one was ready to cast her in her initial stage because she neither looked white or brown.

However, Raja is very proud of her roots and always tries to flaunt them. She is very close with her father’s side of the family and usually spends time with them. Due to her mixed heritage, she represents the minority, making her so unique and special.

Shazi Raja looking elegant in pink saree
American actress with a mixed heritage, Shazi Raja.

Shazi’s Career

When there is hard work and perseverance, one can achieve everything; when the right time comes. Similarly, Raja overcomes her issues of racial indifference and gets cast as Eesha for the TV drama High Maintenance.’ Since then, she has never looked back and is carrying on with her movie career, giving a fantastic performance.

In 2017, Shazi got a big break when she was cast as Ananya in ‘Brad’s Status.’ Then, after portraying a role as Harvard’s Indian American student, she played the role of Amanda Charles in the CBS drama Salvation.’ At the moment, Raja is already an established actress with almost all genres of movies and series.

In 2018, she played the role of Jaya inGod Friended Me,’ which is a comedy movie. Meanwhile, her latest appearance on television was through a horror movie,Haunt.’

Shazi Raja Relationships

As per many media outlets, the actress is not single and is rumored to be dating Christian Navarro, who plays the character of Tony in the Netflix teen drama,’13 Reasons Why.’ Even though the actors have never conformed to the dating rumors, they are often together. It looks like the couple isn’t ready to go public yet and is more focused on their profession right now.

Nevertheless, Raja is a pretty private person who indeed does not talk about her affairs. So her other linkups have never been discovered, and hopefully, she has found the one, and the good news is on its way.

Net Worth

Shazi has a lot more time to amaze the audience with her brilliant acting skills. She is already in the beginning phase and is grabbing all the opportunity that comes her way. In upcoming years we will defiantly see much of her. Over the years, she has made enough fortune for herself.

Therefore, the net worth of Shazi Raja is estimated to be over $200,000. In the coming times, undoubtedly, she will make much more.

Shazi Raja in appealing look
American-born actress with a mixed heritage.

Social Media Activities

Shazi Raja is a newbie on Twitter with 2105 followers, even though she joined in 2009. She is not that active and uses it to promote her movies. However, on Instagram, her presence is gradually growing, and she has 13.3k followers. On the site, Raja supports movements like Black lives matter, Free Palestine, and gender identity. On May 27th, she recently opened up about having Chronic Lyme Disease and suffering from it for seven known years.

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