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Sheryl Goddard (Alice Cooper Wife) Age and Bio

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Sheryl Goddard with her husband, Alice Cooper

Sheryl Goddard is a professional Ballerina dancer, instructor, and choreographer known to be the long-term wife of singer, Alice Cooper. Her 45-year-long marriage with Alice Cooper has always put her in the limelight. This couple is among the very few who sustained four decades of successful married life. Hence, let’s read more about the couple, along with their age and net worth.

Sheryl Goddard Age and Early life

Alice Cooper’s wife Sheryl Goddard is currently 64, as she was born in 1957. Apart from being known as Singer Cooper’s wife, she is also an actress and ballet instructor. When it comes to her parents, nothing has been written about them anywhere in the media.

But as we searched about her early life details, we realized that she was fond of dancing from a tender age and even started ballet dancing when she was five years old. She also took training on acting, playing piano while in high school. Moreover, she completed high school in 1975 but then decided not to continue college because she wanted to make a career as Ballerina.

Married life with her husband, Alice Cooper

The famous singer and songwriter Alice Cooper is married to Sheryl Goddard for more than four decades, but they still seem like a newlywed couple. The couple has a classic beginning to their love story. While Sheryl was pursuing her career as a ballerina, she auditioned for the Welcome To My Nightmare Tour. Moreover, the two did not meet until the rehearsal, and also after they met, Sheryl had no idea who Alice was, and she was also naïve about rock and roll. Later, they had a pleasant conversation in a post-tour party in Alice’s hotel and had their first kiss that night. So this is how they got into the romantic whirl.

Furthermore, they started dating in 1975, and just after a year, on March 20, 1976, they tied their wedding knots. Their marriage function was held at Acapulco, Mexico. They have had many highs and lows in their relationship, and one major cause behind it was Alice’s drinking addiction. Because of this reason, they even filed for divorce in 1984 but resolved their issues and got back together before the divorce was finalized.

Sheryl Goddard with her husband, Alice Cooper
A professional Ballerina dancer, Sheryl Goddard, and her husband, Alice Cooper

Sheryl Goddard Kids

The duo has three children together from their 45 years of marital life. Their first-born daughter is Calico, who is currently 40. Likewise, their second-born son Dash is 36, and their youngest daughter Sonora is 28. Their son, Dash, is already a married guy and even has kids.

Sheryl Goddard with her husband and daughter
Sheryl Goddard with her husband, Alice Cooper, and daughters, Calico and Sonora

Sheryl Goddard Career

Till now, you have gained the idea that Sheryl is a professional ballerina and spent her entire life dancing. Now let’s get to know more about how she got into that position. After her high school matriculation, Goddard took off with her career at the age of 18. She danced in the musical movie Alice Cooper: The Nightmare in 1975 and started her career from here. Her most recent work was in Kane Roberts Feat. Alice Cooper & Alissa White-Gluz: Beginning of the End. Furthermore, she has more than nine self-credit and seven acting credits, according to her IMDb.

Net Worth and Salary

Alice’s wife Sheryl has an outstanding career as a ballet instructor and a ballerina, and with that, she has a substantial net worth of $1 million. Even though she has a lucrative career, her fortune is not as massive as her husband, worth $40 million.

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