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Sienna Mae Gomez Age, Net Worth, Ex-Boyfriend Jack Wright, Wiki.

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Image of Sienna Mae Gomez

The social media influencer and the Tiktok star Sienna Mae Gomez got popular after her dancing videos and duets got viral in Tiktok. This young superstar believes in herself and presents her talent with great confidence. Also working as a model, Sienna’s vibrant and jolly personality is loved by her followers. If you are a decent fan of Sienna Mae Gomez, you are in the right page that lets you know everything about her age and net worth. Also, get to know about her ex-boyfriend, Jack Wright.

Who is Sienna Mae Gomez? Wiki.

This 17-year-old young girl with 2.5 million followers on Instagram is already a popular star. Her TikTok account is a major hit, with over 14 million followers.

Born to Dina Gomez and Ramon M Gomez, Sienna is the product of a Mexican father and a Russian mother. She was raised in Laguna Niguel, CA, where Ramon worked as a businessman. Her mother, Dina, looks after Sienna’s three siblings Micaela Drew, Jacob Gomez, and another small brother. Both her father and mother are Jolly personalities who also like making Tiktok videos and dancing. The whole Gomez family is a complete package of fun and excitement. Her brother Jacob is a very good photographer with an impressive number of Instagram followers, and her sister Micaela is a yoga teacher.

Sienna still lives in Laguna Niguel, where she goes to a local high school. Being a famous personality, she is also a sensation in her high school. Her Wikipedia page is not available.

Sienna Mae Gomez looking gorgeous in long hair
The social media influencer and the Tiktok star, Sienna Mae Gomez

How old is Sienna Mae Gomez? Age and Birthday.

Born on January 16, 2004, Sienna’s age is now 17 years old.

Sienna Mae Gomez Net Worth and Income Sources.


partnered with Levi’s and Maybelline in Tiktok, where we see some of her sponsored videos. Also, her Instagram has a great number of followers that can be used for advertisement. From all these promotions, she has managed to make a net worth of almost half a million.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements.

The 5 feet 3 inches tall star measures 34-26-35. Her 55 Kg body looks slim and flawless in long blonde hair. She has hazel eyes and Asian skin color that comes from her Asian father and mother. Although being 17 years, she looks like on her 20s.

Sienna Mae Gomez in bold look
The Tiktok star, Sienna Mae Gomez


The famous social media star Sienna has her name all over the internet. Her most popular work is seen in Tiktok, where a talented star has 14.4M followers, and a total of 908.8M likes. Mae’s hit videos can get over 10M views in a single day and Instagram, with 326 posts, has 2.5 million views. Her other popular account is Instagram, where she frequently posts her personal and family photos.

Sienna is also popular on Youtube, where she posts inspirations and fun videos. Her channel made in 2015 has over 400k followers. One of her videos where she talks about false sexual allegations got 4 million views in a month. Every passing day, she is gaining more popularity in different social media account.

Gomez has also signed a contract with Levi’s and Maybelline to promote their product. This model and star is still trying hard to build her carrier in acting.

Sienna Mae was accused of sexually assaulting her Ex-boyfriend, Jack Wright.

Sienna’s ex-boyfriend Jack Wright brought her to controversy when with a claim of sexual assault and abuse. The claim was first shared by Jack’s high school BFF Mason Rizzo on his Twitter.

“I saw a girl getting praised after sexually assaulting by best friend. I have also seen her verbally abusing high school students. She misuses her popularity as an excuse to misbehave with others”.

Later, Jack and his brother James also re-tweeted the post and made a video talking about Sienna’s problematic behavior. Some other comments in the post read that Sienna fat-shamed and abused many other friends.

Sienna later talked about the case. First, she said that Jack was never officially her boyfriend. She twitted that it was just a small fight among friends and nothing criminal. She wrote,

“Making a false claim of sexual assault is not a joke and I am deeply saddened by this. I will have a conversation with Jack and solve the issue”.

Even her Youtube video said that it was just a conversation with her friends and there was never any kind of sexual assault.

There was also another post from Def Noodles where he claimed that he had actually seen Sienna sexually assaulting jack. Well, the truth is yet to be known.

Who is Sienna Mae’s Ex-Boyfriend, Jack Wright?

The 18 years old Tiktok star Jack Wright is famous for videos with his twin brother James. James and Jack are very close, always supporting and guiding each other’s way. Born in Temecula, California, his father helps people from Military families. Even Jack and James are involved in his father’s social work.

Jack went to a Great Oak High School and started posting videos on Tiktok and Instagram. The twin used to make their own video, posting very original content on social media. As of now, Jack’s TikTok has over 8.5 million followers. He has also got a Youtube channel to post funny videos, blogs, and his family pranks, where he has got over 121k followers.

The current acquisition of sexual assault to ex-girlfriend Sienna has made him even more famous. The two had been seeing each other in the past year. However, they now claim that the relationship was never official. People say that they were just a fake couple showing off in the social media account. The scandal is yet not resolved, and many stories are coming out from both sides. We will definitely know more about their relationship in the future.

Sienna Mae Gomez with her ex-boyfriend, jack
The social media influencer and the Tiktok star, Sienna Mae Gomez and her Ex-boyfriend, Jack Wright

Social Media Activities.

We have already mentioned Sienna’s popular social account activities. Despite being popular on Instagram and Tiktok, she is rarely seen on Facebook. She doesn’t like sharing her content on Facebook. Her Twitter account with 126 followers is also deserted.

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