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Sofia Bevarly Age, Measurements and Wikipedia

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Image of model Sofia Beverly

Sofia Bevarly is a model and is an Instagram specialist based in America. As a fitness freak herself, she has launched gears that help make workouts convenient and products like wireless ear pods, potable blenders, and muscle boosters. Sofia is into fashion and has expensive taste, which must be the reason she wanted to become a model in the first place.

Moreover, this article gives a closer look into the life of Sofia Bevarly; her earlier days and age is to include.

Who is Sofia Bevarly? Wikipedia

Sofia Bevarly is an online influencer and is a notable bikini-wear model. She started her journey as a public figure at a very young age. Her family background isn’t in the spotlight; however, Sofia indeed had a fantastic childhood along with caring parents. Many of her posts include her mom and dad, and upon looking at it, we can tell how close she is to them. Currently, this sensual model is also stepping into the business world.

Furthermore, this emerging talent studied at South Fort Myers and completed high school. Later, while joining the Florida University, she started getting modeling jobs. So, Sofia decided to take a break from education and focus entirely on her professional path. Sofia Bevarly Wikipedia page does not exist.

How old is Sofia Bevarly? Age and Birthday.

Bevarly is an American born who grow up In Fort Myers, Florida. She is raised by a Christan parent and has a sister. The model celebrated her birthday in April 26 and turned 25 this year. As a Taurus sign, she is very fearless and has a strong work ethic.

Sofia Beverly looking hot in bikini
Instagram specialist, Sofia Bevarly

Sofia Bevarly Measurements: Height and Weight.

Sofia Bevarly fits the image of the standard ideal body and is in her best shape. She flaunts herself in stunning swimsuits in many of her beach vacations. However, it’s not like the model doesn’t have to work harder to stay fit; hence it spends a load of time in the gym. Even, follows a strict diet and as an animal lover, she might also be vegan.

Therefore, the stunning blonde Sofia Bevarly has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Accordingly, she weighs about 59kg. Her facial structure, too, is in point. Defiantly there is a reason why she chooses to be a model.


Sofia Bevarly started her career when she was just a teen in the age of 18. She became the ambassador of the reputed bikini magazine for A-list restaurants all across the states.

It was around 2014, Sofia gained recognition as a rising new face of the industry. After dropping out of college, she didn’t survive with her family’s money; instead, she started working as a waitress. There too, Sofia won hearts from her perseverance and won the title, Miss April.

Furthermore, Sofia climbed to the height of success when she became an Instagram star with over a million followers. Being in the covers of magazines and working at a tv commercial became her daily acquaintance.

After all this, it was just the beginning of a vast destination ahead for her. Now, she is associated with high-end brands, is the face of Fashion Nova, and is turning into an entrepreneur.

Sofia Bevarly Relationships.

Sofia Bevarly was in a relationship with the self-claimed king of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian. He has an extraordinary lifestyle and had never publicly conformed about his love life.

So, when he announced his love for Sofia, everyone lost it and was very much invested in their relationship. Still, it was not written forever, and they parted their ways.

According to many media outlets, Dan was not faithful and chatted multiple times. Eventually, Sofia had enough and walked away.

Similarly, after a public heartbreak and humiliations, Sofia hasn’t revealed any of her romance these days. She is enjoying her life as an independent single woman. In the future, we do hope she’ll find the one who will give her loyalty and enormous love.

Sofia Beverly with her ex-boyfriend Dan
Bikini model, Sofia Bevarly with her Ex-boyfriend, Dan Bilzerian.

Net Worth and Income Sources

Sofia Bevarly is not just a model but is also is a brand in herself. She helps many fashion houses to sell their products by collaborating with them. A lot of youngsters look up to her for trends and style inspiration. She also has her fitness merge. Over the years, she has collected huge revenues and has a net worth of $250,000.

Social Media Activities.

Most of the fame and brand endorsement comes from social media for Bevarly. Hence, she has to maintain her platform and generate flow.

Likewise, Sofia has an excellent engagement and presence in her Instagram. She has 1.7 million followers on her Instagram. She often posts pictures of herself in a luxurious wardrobe, especially in a swim bikini. Recently, Tik-Tok is also her jam with 85.4k followers.

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