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Sophie Dymoke (Matthew Goode Wife) Age, Baby, Bio, and Wikipedia

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Image of the wife of famous actor Matthew Goode, Sophie Dymoke

The stunning 34 years old mother of three and a responsible wife of Matthew Goode, Sophie Dymoke, seems to have it all. Still, she likes to keep herself far away from the media. She is not just a wife of a famous movie star but has made a name for herself.

Keep scrolling down to find out what she does for a living, and do not miss the end to find out how much she makes.

How Old Is Sophie Dymoke? Birthday and Bio

Sophie Dymoke is a beautiful bride of the Chasing Liberty actor, Matthew Goode. She was born in 1982 and is originally from the United Kingdom. However, as a superstar wife, she has not lost her identity and can do wonders with her fantastic skills as a fashion designer. She has worked with much-renowned fashion houses in her earlier days and was the sales manager at Alice+Olivia, the famous clothing brand.

Furthermore, the gorgeous designer worked at MiH as a sales executive owner and worked with profitable companies like VINCE. Sophie Dymoke is a very down to the earth kind of person and likes to keep everything private. However, she is the ultimate fan of her husband and wants to make sure Matthew Goode looks his best at all times. Recently, she worked as a stylist and gave the complete makeover to her husband at his movie set.

Married Life and Wedding with Her Husband, Matthew Goode

Sophie Dymoke and Mattew Goode should have a movie made from their romantic love story because it is the cutest tale ever. The tired Goode comes home after a long day at work and sees this beautiful woman right next to his home, and they lived happily ever after. This was the same screen in front of Matthew Goode’s home a long time ago. Hence, Sophie Dymoke, not just figuratively, literally became the girl next door when she started living with her friend as a neighbor to Goode.

Eventually, the alluring couple fell for each other hard, and in 2005 they started living together when Matthew asked her to move in. They dated for seven years before marrying.

Image of famous actor Matthew Goode and Sophie Dymoke
The wife of famous actor Matthew Goode, Sophie Dymoke.

Likewise, the foundation of a great marriage is believed to be trusted, and Matthew Godde and Sophie seem to have no problem in that as they give space to one another and cherishes each other. The couple is pretty old-school and is not active in social media, which somehow makes them even tight and close.

Sophie Dymoke’s Husband, Matthew Goode

The amazing husband of Sophie Dymoke, Matthew Goode, is an established actor. He was born on the 3rd of April 1978 in Exeter, Devon. The emerging star entered the film industry with a bang in 2002 as a lead in the movie Confession of an Ugly Stepsister. He received his first Teen Choice Awards nominees for Chasing Liberty. Since then, the actor never had to look back and got multiple offers from different leading directors. He has been seen in many romantic comedy movies like Imagine You and Me, Copying Beethoven, and Brideshead Revisited.

Moreover, Goode is a family man, and he prefers to work around places near his home to make it easier to unite with his family. In many of his interviews, he expresses his love for his family and appreciates his wife for working extra hard when he has to be away for his movies.

Sophie Dymoke Children and Baby

After four years of living together, Sophie Dymoke and her husband welcomed an angel, Matilda Eve Goode, into their lives in 2009. Then the couple decided to get married and later gave birth to Teddie Eleanor Rose in 2013 and their first son Ralph in 2015. To protect their children from harmful media attention, the parent has kept them away from it.

Image of the wife of famous actor Matthew Goode, Sophie Dymoke and daughter
A renowned actor, Matthew Goode’s wife, Sophie Dymoke, and daughter.

In the meantime, the family of five enjoys their privacy and lives ordinary lives. They are rarely seen in public and are always uptight when it comes to social appearance. While Goode goes to work, he admits missing his children very much.

Sophie Dymoke Net Worth and Career

Besides a former sales head in various prestigious companies, she is also a woman in fashion, making stacks of money. The net worth of Sophie Dymoke is about $1 million.

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