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Sophie Mudd Net Worth, Bio, Age, Measurements, and Wikipedia

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Images of an American internet social media star, Sophie Mudd

Instagram model and star Sophie Mudd earned fame and prosperity at a very young age. After posting her pictures on Instagram, she became viral in few days. Sophie took the attention of young demographics through her attractive physique. Her popularity in social media and the internet led her into the career of fashion designing.

Who is Sophie Mudd? Bio and Early Life

Sophie Mudd was born in Los Angles on July 27, 1998. Mudd is an American internet social media star. The model came into the limelight after she posted her few seductive photos on Snapchat and Instagram. Sophie was labeled Emily Ratajkowaski by FHM.

Growing up in the business-minded parents in Bustling city, she spent her childhood luxuriously. Sophie got her primary education in a prestigious school in Los angles. Moreover, Sophie has appeared in the ‘Delphic league meet’ at Notre Dame high school on track and field events. In the event, she was ranked 12th in the division of long jump.

Sophie seems to be bubbly and wild in her internet pictures, but in actual she is a shy and soft-speaking woman.

Age and Birthday

July 27, 1998, born Sophie is native to the USA. As of 2021, Sophie entered the age of 23. Sophie enjoys her birthday on July 27. Leo is her astrological sign.

Net Worth

 Sophie Mudd is an Instagram model, one of the well-known models on OnlyFans, a fan subscription service portal. According to celebrity reporters, Sophie has an estimated net worth of USD 500K.

Sophie Mudd Measurements: Height and Weight

Sophie has an hourglass body shape. Ample breasts size, curvy slim waist, and broad torso give her an alluring appearance. Sophie Mudd stands 5 feet 5 inches (167 cm) tall and weighs 58kgs (127.8 pounds). Sophie’s Bra cup size is 32B. She has a great shape with 35-26-36 body measurements. Sophie has a waist and hip size of 26 and 36, respectively.

Sophie Mud on fire in red swimsuit
An Internet social media star, Sophie Mudd

Career and Wikipedia 

Being a child of a businessman, she enjoyed her early days lavishly. Along with her elder brother Nicolas, Sophie got their education in a reputed and prestigious private school, Campbell Hall School. Sophie was excellent in academy and games and sports as well.

Instagram model Mudd utilizes social media to the fullest level to show her luscious body and creative talent. The beautiful Sophie was viral within a short period after posting her attention-seeking pictures on Instagram. Mudd not only posts her photographs, but she also posts photos partying and enjoying with friends. She got attention from her fans because of her incredible physique. Also, Sophie has almost a half-million followers.

Luckily, Sophie got an opportunity for fashion designing jobs from the model agencies. Through which Sophie entered a gateway into the world of beauty, Stardom, and charm. Then, she came into the headlines in no time and was labeled to Emily Ratajkowaski, an American actress and model by FHM.

Sophie Mudd Relationship

Although Sophie has kept her private life and her family, relationships away from the internet sources and media, her affair is quite noted nowadays. Going through her past, Mudd dated Conard Hughes Hilton, youngest son of multimillionaire businessman Barron Hilton.

Sophie and Conard met through Instagram in 2014. However, some people have reported that they were on a date and were hanging out together. Sadly, some issues arose in their relationship, and they kept it secret. It is also said that their relationship did not last long. Within a year, news reporters published that the lovebirds broke up and unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Currently, Sophie Mudd is dating Austin Dash. Austin is a model and has shown in many brands, such as Kid Dangerous. The couple started their togetherness in 2017. Sophie and Austin are enjoying their love life to this date. Austin has also mentioned his first meet-up with Sophie in his album Malibu.

This song is about the adventure of love and is highly dedicated to Sophie. Moreover, the couple also posts photos, usually on Instagram, showing love, care, and respect for each other. Sophie and Austin are enjoying their lovely relationship. Their fans are also happy to see the sweet couple’s love, affection, and dedication with one another.

Sophie mud looking happy with her boyfriend, Austin Dash
An American internet social media star, Sophie Mudd, and her current boyfriend, Austin Dash

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