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Stacey Weitzman (Henry Winkler Wife) Age, and Wiki-Biography

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Image of Henry Winkler wife, Stacey Weitzman

Stacey Weitzman, known as the wife of famous American actor Henry Winkler, is an activist. Weitzman is also a businesswoman. The fans best recognize Winkler for his significant role as Arthur ‘Fonzie’ Fonzarelli on the famed 70s show Happy Days.

Life is bewildering and beautiful. All we need is love, support, motivation, and constant commitment of togetherness from our loved ones. Here we go, with the wiki-biography of the star wife. Stay with us.

Who Is Stacey Weitzman? Early Life

Los Angeles, California-born Stacey Weitzman was born on November 15, 1947, as Stacey Cooper Furstman.

Stacey is an activist and successful businesswoman in the USA. She is actively working for cancer-related patients being herself a survivor of cancer. Weitzman is the wife of Hollywood actor Henry Winkler who is the golden globe-winning actor. Henry is the second husband of Stacey.

Going to her early days, she was born in a middle-class family. Her father was an employee in a private office, and her mother used to work in a hospital as a nurse. Stacey got her degree from the University of North California. Though she wanted to study fashion designing, she graduated as an economist. Her education helped her to be a businesswoman, and her passion leads her career. Stacey opened a fashion PR firm.

She tries to avoid media attention and is occasionally seen with her husband, Henry. Stacey claimed that she is committed to hand that is the secret of their long-term relationship.

How Old Is Stacey Weitzman? Age

As of 2021, Stacey is 73 years of age.

Stacey Weitzman Is Married To Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler could not put his eyes off Stacey when he saw her for the first time. He was influenced by her beauty and her behavioral action within ten minutes. Henry Winkler kept her a marriage proposal, but she denied it. Later she changed her mind and got married to Henry Winkler.

A son from Stacey and her antecedent husband Howard was four years old when she started her marital life with Henry Winkler. Since their married life on May 5, 1978, they have been very supportive and committed to each other. Stacey supports the work of Henry. They are the rich celebrity of America. Henry and Stacey are proud of their offspring.

Stacey Weitzman smiling with her husband, Henry
A businesswoman, Stacey Weitzman, and her husband, Henry Winkler

Stacey Weitzman Was Previously Married To Howard Weitzman

Weitzman started dating an American entertainment lawyer Howard Weitzman after they met in 1968. Her previous husband worked as a legal advisor and a TV presenter in some Tv programs. The couple married on October 19, 1969, and welcomed a baby boy in 1971. However, their relationship did not go well. They decided to divorce in 1976. Howard appeared in some movies too.

This ex-couple has a son named Jed Weitzman.

Her Children

Weitzman gave birth to 3 children, one from her former husband and two from her husband, Henry Winkler. For the first time, she became the mom of Jed Weitzman, Howard Weitzman being a father. After she married Henry Winkler, Zoe Emily Winkler was born as their daughter in 1980. The youngest son Max Winkler took his first breath in 1983.

Stacey Weitzman with her husband and children
A businesswoman, Stacey and her husband, Henry Winkler, and her children

Career and Wiki

Weitzman is famous as a businesswoman. She also appeared in some movies and dramas. Weitzman laid the first stone of her business in fashion at a very young age. She started a fashion PR firm with her clients’ Jag‘ and ‘Van Cleef and Arpels‘ after graduating. She was in the attention of the media when she started dating Henry Winkler.

Besides her business life, she featured in some movies. She acted in the film ‘The Touch,’ ‘Safe’ and played some roles in a few dramas.

Stacey works for the welfare of children. Miss Weitzman and her company funded many programs. Stacey and Henry established an organization, ‘Children’s Action Network.’ This organization works for the welfare of children and is also engaged in adoption campaigns.

Net Worth

She has not disclosed her property in public. As a businesswoman, she is a millionaire. Her exact earning is still vague. However, the rough estimation is between USD 15 million to USD 16 million.

However, her husband, Henry, has a net worth of USD 40 million.

Stacey Weitzman Battled Cancer In 2001

Stacey Weitzman is a breast cancer survivor. She faced it twice. For the first time, she confirmed with cancer in 2000. Stacey coped with cancer after treatment. It reappeared in 2007. After a long struggle with cancer, she defeated cancer by a double mastectomy.

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