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Stacie Zabka (William Zabka Wife) Age and Wiki Bio

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Images of a celebrity wife, Stacie Zabka

We are talking about a celebrity wife today, and she is none other than Stacie Zabka, the wife of the famous William Zabka. The wife of a famous actor in The Karate Kid is in a low profile in most of the aspects of her life. She is better popular as a celebrity wife than any identity of her own.

Let’s learn more about who the celebrity wife is and her age.

Who is Stacie Zabka? Age and Early Life

The wife of Cobra Kai actor William Zabka was born in Missouri, USA. She was born in the year 1974, but her birthday is unclear. However, some sources have claimed that she was born on the 17th of May, but it has no verification of its authenticity. Her birth year confirms that the celebrity wife is 47 years in 2021.

Although we know the wife of William Zabka was born in the USA, there are so many other facts that are unavailable. Want to know about her early life and about her parents? We have to leave you upset about this as we have got nothing about her early life and parents. Stacie is quite an educated woman but where she studied is unclear.

The celebrity wife must have attended a good school as she sounds quite rich in her tone, but it is all an assumption game. There is no concrete fact to support the speculation, though.

Married Life with her husband, William Zabka

Stacie gained public attention only after her marriage to the famous actor William Zabka. She and William got into conjugal life in 2008. As the celebrity wife is quite a serious person to maintain her privacy, it is unclear how long the couple dated each other.

It is not only her dating life that she has kept a secret, but she also likes to keep her personal life away from public attention.

However, the couple has been spending the joy of married life together with two kids that they have given birth to.

Although we know that the couple has two kids, we have no information about their names, ages, and other facts.

Stacie Zabka with her husband, William Zabka
A celebrity wife, Stacie Zabka, and his husband, William Zabka

Who is William Zabka? His Net Worth

William Zabka is a celebrated actor who is widely famous for his role as Johnny Lawrence in The Karate Kid. The American actor also has his identity as a producer and a writer in the movie industry.

A native of New York City, William was born to parents who also had a film background in their career. His father, Stan Zabka, was a director and his mother, Nancy Zabka, was a producer. He enjoyed his childhood days in New York City along with two siblings.

Although born and grown up in the USA on October 20, 1965, William belongs of Czech descent.

He started his film career with The Karate Kid in 1984, which became a blockbuster. He got instant fame from the character of Johnny Lawrence that he had played in the film. The role of the main antagonist in the film was the perfect platform for the actor to showcase his acting skills.

As his first film became a hit movie and gave him wide recognition, he got several film projects afterward.

He has also done comedy films like Just One of the Guys. Apart from acting in movies, Zabka has also acted in the television series The Equalizer and has also co-written and produced films in his career.

Since he started his journey in film, he has gained success and rose to prominence as a talented actor.

Stacie Zabka Net Worth

Apart from being the wife of William Zabka, what she does as her profession is unclear. But some sources talk about her being a businesswoman too. However, the claim is also supported.

If we believe some sources, Stacie is around $100k in net worth. However, as the wife of a celebrated actor, she enjoys the whopping net worth of $2 million of her husband, William Zabka.


It is quite hard to make the celebrity wife talk about her profession and personal life. Stacie stays away from public appearances and doesn’t talk to the media much. She is also away from the use of social media.

Since she keeps quiet about sharing anything about her personal and professional life, we have no information about her career. We know her only as of the wife of a celebrated actor.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

The wife of The Equalizer actor has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches and is 56 kg in her body weight. Apart from her height and weight, other information about her figure is unavailable.

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