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Stephanie Rayner Age, Biography and Wikipedia

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Stephanie Rayner taking selfie with her phone

Stephanie Rayner is a popular model originally from Australia. She started the entertainment industry very young. Now she lives in LA and has a beautiful future ahead. When told her body wasn’t for modeling, Rayner did not give up and kept on moving forward.

Scroll through the article to find more about Stephanie, her profession, and the love of her life.

How Old Is Stephanie Rayner? Birthday 

Stephanie Rayner is a 27 years old Australian model. She was born and raised in GoldCoast. On November 16, 1993, her beloved parents welcomed Stephanie into this wide world. She was a tennis player during her school days. That indeed explains why she has a perfect physique. Stephanie has three older siblings which two are brothers and a sister. Their dad helped her at booking a modeling gig when she was just 13 years old.

Moreover, she is like a normal girl who likes beaches and hanging out with friends. Her favorite cushion is Thai food, and she enjoys red soup. If given a choice, she prefers chocolate tea over coffee.

Stephanie Rayner Wiki-Biography 

The ambitious model, Stephanie Rayner, is now in Los Anglos to pursue her Hollywood dreams. During her earlier days, she participated in a model quest in her high school and eventually won. Hence after the win, a lot of modeling agencies became attentive towards her and gave terrific offers. Rayner got her big break at just the age of fifteen when she started modeling for big brands. The supermodel Candice Swanepoel is her childhood icon, and strangely Rayner looks just like her.

In addition, Stephanie gave a chance to her acting career and was seen in the Lounge Swimwear Bikini Fashion Show in 2019. Over the years, she has already reached a height of success; however, it was not always easy for her. In the initial stage, she was rejected by many brands as they felt like Rayner did not have an ideal body for modeling. Despite the negative energy, she still managed to put a smile on her face and went on believing in herself.

Height, Weight, and Measurements 

The gorgeous Stephanie works extra hard in the gym to maintain her body because she has a sweet tooth and loves to eat them. She is beautiful with a perfect facial structure. The stunning model looks pretty tall, so she must be around 5ft 7 inches and be about 57kg. Even without makeup, Rayner still manages to be flawless.

Stephanie Rayner in hot bekini
Australian model Stephanie Rayner.

Stephanie Rayner Is Currently Dating Keaton Phillips

Unfortunately, this sensational model is not single and is definitely in love. When asked who her guy crush is in an interview with Luxe Label, she answered by saying it’s her boyfriend. This was so adorable and pure. Thus, Stephanie is in a relationship with her longtime beau, Keaton Phillips. He is an entrepreneur and the co-owner of flynet, the company that sells jet planes.

Furthermore, the dazzling couple first met on September 10 of 2018. The duo is madly in love and is seen together almost every time. The couple goes on exotic holidays and always accessible when it comes to each other.

Stephanie Rayner Net Worth 

Stephanie Rayner is a well-known model and has already worked with many brands like pretty little things. She is in the modeling industry for almost 12 years now. Over the years, she indeed has made a fortune for herself. Yet, the actual figure has not been revealed. Still, her estimated net worth shall be around half a million dollars.

Stephanie Rayner looking beautiful in blue eyes
Ambitious model Stephanie Rayner.

Social Media Activities 

Stephanie Rayner has 634k followers in her Instagram account. She mainly posts stunning portraits of herself. Aside from promoting the modeling job, she also features her dear boyfriend often. On Facebook, Stephanie has a public figure page with over seven thousand followers.

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