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Stephanie Washington (Bret Hart Wife) Age, Wikipedia, and Bio Facts

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Image of Stephanie Washington

Stephanie Washington is a popular name for being a celebrity wife. She is an American woman married to the professional wrestler Bret Hart. Her life came into the limelight after she found Bret as her husband. Bret, as a professional wrestler and actor, has fame in public.

Let’s get some idea of who the five times WWE champion wrestler’s wife is and what she does.

Who Is Stephanie Washington?

Stephanie Washington spends a life purely as a homemaker. Although there are no recorded facts about her career before marrying Bret, she has been spending time as a homemaker after the marriage.

Her husband, the celebrity heavyweight champion wrestler, married her as his third wife. Stephanie and Bret have an age difference; however, the two got married regardless of any circumstances. She is much younger than Bret, who is 64 years old.

How Old Is Stephanie Washington? Birthday, Parents, and Early Life

The San Francisco native Stephanie was born in 1983. However, the birthday of the 38-year old wife of Bret Hart has not been made public. She is of Asian-African ethnicity as she was born to an Asian father and African mother. She has revealed nothing about her parents, so there is no clue of who they are.

The 5 feet 7 inches tall celebrity wife has not disclosed whether she has got siblings. She is quiet also about her early life and education. When it comes to speaking about her personal life, she likes to maintain privacy.

Stephanie Washington in deadlocked hair

Professional wrestler Bret Hart’s wife, Stephanie Washington.

Stephanie Washington Is Married to Her Husband, Bret Hart

Stephanie and Bret got into married life in 2010. The WWE champion wrestler got married for the third time when he married Stephanie.

He was in marital relation with his first wife, Julie Hart, from 1982 to 2002. After divorcing the first wife, Hart married Cinzia Rota as his second wife in 2004 but divorced her in 2006.

Stephanie came into his life after getting divorced for the second time. And, eventually, he brought Stephanie into his life as his third wife. It has been over a decade since their marriage, and the two have been enjoying the journey of their married life.

Despite the age difference, the married life for the couple is working nicely.

Stephanie Washington Children

While Bret has already become a grandfather from his kids with his ex-wife Julie, he and Stephanie have not given birth to any children yet together. However, Stephanie has given good care for the wrestler’s other kids, who are well grown-up and have their own families.

While the couple has a huge age gap and the wrestler has been going through several health conditions, it is not sure if the couple will plan to have any kids in the future.

Who Is Stephanie Washington’s Husband, Bret Hart?

Bret Hart is the legendary name in the history of the WWE championship. The former wrestler has won five WWE heavyweight championships. He was the name trending in the wrestling arena in the 80s and 90s. Bret had seen his wrestling career spike during those years.

Born on July 2, 1957, Bret is a native of Calgary, Canada. He was born with wrestling in his genes as he was born to a wrestler father. His father, Stu Hart, was a wrestling prodigy. Most of the members of his family were athletes, so Bret naturally grew up to be a wrestler.

Now 65 years, Bret retired from professional wrestling in 2000 but, he is still active in the sport in different roles. As he is from the Hart Wrestling Family, the sport is everything for him. It gave him his name, money, happiness, unforgettable memories, etc.

He has fought several amateur wrestling championships before turning professional.

Stephanie Washington in black dress with her husband bret

Professional wrestler, Bret Hart and his wife, Stephanie Washington.

Stephanie Washington and Bret Hart Net Worth

Although we have no idea what the wrestler’s wife does to earn money, we have plenty to talk about Bret himself. As Stephanie has introduced herself as a homemaker, we have no clue about her income source. So, the net worth of Stephanie alone is unclear.

However, Bret Hart has $14 million in his net worth. His long career as a professional wrestler, writer, and actor has brought him an impressive fortune. Stephanie enjoys the entire wealth Bret has as his current wife. The couple lives a lavish life with the staggering net worth they have.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

The 38-year old wife of the former champion wrestler has a height of 5 feet 7 inches. She has a beautiful body structure with the measurements 34-24-35 and a body weight of 60 kg.

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