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Who is Steve Trevino Wife? His Net Worth and Wiki-Bio

Image of American Comedian, Writer, and a Producer, Steve Trevino

Steve Trevino is an American Comedian, Writer, and a Producer. He is an American Mexican who embraces his Hispanic identity in his comedy shows. He is a 43-year-old star, born on the 16th of January 1978 in Texas, United States. Get to know more about Steve Trevino and his wife.

There is very little information about his education but sources tell that Trevino loved making people around him laugh since school. He got his calling at an early age and started building his career on making people laugh.

Initially, he worked as a Bouncer and later got a chance to give his first show where he performed during the mid-2000s in the television show Mind of Mencia. He was just 19 during that time when he jumped on this bandwagon.

Steve Travino is a true Latino and has embraced this identity of his where his comics express his culture, value, and traditions in a hilarious way. Then slowly he got introduced to opportunities for collaboration. He went on stand-up comedy tours with Three Amigos, Pablo Franciso, and the late Freddy Soto. His talent was polished which made him shine much brighter slowly.

Steve likes fishing and making fun videos and creating fun shows for his beloved fans and audience. He is really a star and has gained so much reach and fame in such a short period of time.

Steve Trevino is Married to Renae Trevino

Steve Trevino has a wife. She is Renae Trevino and is 43 years old. Renae is a beautiful and fun wife and a mother. She has to keep up with her husband as he is known to be America’s favorite Husband. This pair has two kids together a 6-year old boy and they were blessed with a daughter in the year 2020.

Image of American Comedian, Writer, and a Producer, Steve Trevino and wife
American Comedian, Writer, and a Producer, Image of American Comedian, Writer, and a Producer, Steve Trevino and his wife, Renae Trevino.

There are no such details about how they met or got married but this family of four shares a lot about their life on their Instagram handles. From witty and quirky posts to adorable and family-filled holidays and vacations. This family is having a lot of good time together.

This couple has also started a podcast together called The Captain Evil. I am sure without the support and love of his dear wife he would not be where he is today.

Steve Trevino Net Worth

Steve has given a lot of energy to the comic world. His early work showed such as USO Comedy Tour, Mind of Mencia, The Daily Buzz, and was later even invited to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson for his standup comedy performance. He was also a part of The Bob and Tom show. Steve’s own shows are Steve Trevino: Till Death and Steve Trevino: My Life in Quarantine.

He has been entertaining his fans even during this pandemic. The ticket for his current tour is being sold on his website for Chicago. All these are the income sources from where he earns money also he is very much active on his Instagram that also pays him per post.

His net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of 2021.

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