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Summer Benton (Detective) Married, Husband, Age and Biography

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Summer Benton wearing hat

Summer Benton, a long-time Hostage Negotiator, is currently popular after being featured in TLC’s “Women of homicides.” This fearless and smart lady earns her respect within the male-dominated Homicide investigation. Let’s learn about the real-life of a Police worker from Atlanta, Summer Benton. Who is her husband?

Wikipedia – Biography

The real-life Sherlock Homes, Summer Benton get to the crime scene, studies the evidence, follow the blood trail, interview the suspects and get to the killers. Putting the bad guys behind bars, Summer has dedicated her life to the safety of people in Atlanta. This motivation to work for the people comes from her father, who was a white-collar crime detective.

Summer’s career in the Police Department started 12 years ago. She has worked in Homicide for five years. During the course of duty in a hat squad, she has solved 28 cases putting many murderers behind the bar. Before joining the hostage navigator, Summer used to work as a regular police detective in 2007.

Summer attained Georgia State University for the bachelor’s education. She wanted to work in a company after earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. But a couple of years later, she started working as a police officer. Then, Summer joined Mercer University in 2010. Here, she did her Master’s in public safety leadership. This was the period when she had already joined Police Department.

Summer Benton in conference hall
Hostage Negotiator, Summer Benton

Is Summer Benton married to a husband?

Summer is now a famous media face. Even so, she rarely talks about her personal life. Also, Summer has no pictures of her spouse on any of her social media accounts. Summer is not married (or previously divorced) and has no children, as far as we know.

How old is Summer Benton? Birthday, Parents, and Family

Since Summer was very attached to her father, Steve Benton, she wanted to make her father proud by adopting the family legacy. In one of her posts on Twitter, Summer said,

“Every day in the world is special. My father inspired me to work and serve the nation as police officers”.

But things were not always so easy as it seems. Growing up, Benton didn’t want to be a woman working in such a men’s job. When her father was working for the police force, Women were not treated right. Later, her father made Summer sit with the female leader in the department. After the leader said that she worked well with guys and girls in her team and gender will not be such an issue, Summer got the courage to join the department.

Summer is also close to her mother and often shares her picture on Twitter. She likes traveling with her mother whenever she is free. Summer grew up with her big brother Chad Benton. She loves her Niece Sadie and Nephew Bryce very much. Even now, the whole family goes on vacation, celebrating their happy times on the beach and other beautiful places.

Summer is also a pet lover. She adores her seven months old pet dog Willa and often shares her picture with the media. Unfortunately, summer recently lost her 18 years old cat Colonel.

Detective, Summer Benton with her father
Police worker from Atlanta, Summer Benton, and her father, Steve Benton

“Women of Homicide”

TLC’s TV show ‘Women of Homicide” tries to get female viewers with the episodes of successful Police Women. These five years old show focuses on ongoing and solved crimes. The producer has been trying to compile the characters, covering other partners and the forensics team.

While trying to cover the real-life story of a police detective, they came across Benton. Looking into specific murders in Cincinnati and Atlanta, the team featured this woman who works relentlessly for the public. Benton and other five women, along with 13 men’s are featured in the show. Her finest work is seen in the first eight episodes of season one. On the camera, Summer reflects determination and calmness by creating little drama.

Kevin Ott, another cast member and Beaton’s partner in the work, says,

“Sometimes Summer gets on my nerve but in the end she gets the job done.”

Social Media Activities

The detective is quite popular on Twitter. She shares the picture of her co-workers and especially family members in her Twitter account of 4.7k followers. We can also see Summer’s profile on LinkedIn.

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