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Susan Devlin Age and Facts about Bruce Greenwood Wife

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Images of Bruce Greenwood and his wife, Susan Devlin

Did you know about Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood? You must have had some idea about the popular actor for he is a famous movie personality. But did you know about his wife, Susan Devlin? She is a beautiful celebrity wife of a renowned actor who is a lesser-known celebrity spouse.

Let me take you through this article, where we will try to provide authentic information about Bruce Greenwood’s wife, Susan Devlin.

Who is Susan Devlin? Age and Biography

From our introductory description, we have learned that Susan Devlin is the wife of famous Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood. Even though she is the wife of a celebrity actor, the least has been revealed about her in public. The elegant wife of the actor has a low-key life as she doesn’t share many clues about personal and professional life with the public. Although people want to learn more about her, she has kept the public from knowing about her.

Speculations are that Susan is the same as her husband, Bruce. If she was born in 1956 like her husband, Susan is 65 years old by 2021. She was born in Canada.

Susan Devlin is married to her husband, Bruce Greenwood

Susan and the Start Trek actor Bruce Greenwood are husband and wife. The beautiful pair met in 1971. Both of them were in their mid-teens when they met and must have been in their school days. The beautiful couple knew each other well before they turned their relationship into married life. The couple started their married life in 1985 and has been on a joyful journey of life together.

Susan loves the privacy of life that she rarely discloses her personal information. Even after marrying the Hollywood star actor, she hasn’t brought any information out to the public. However, she makes public appearances with her husband. She attends different events and functions along with her husband.

Susan and Bruce have a daughter together. Her name is Breana Chloe Greenwood.

Susan Devlin looking happy with her husband, Bruce Green
Famous Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood and his wife, Susan Devlin

Who is Bruce Greenwood? His Net Worth

After knowing some facts about Susan, let’s explore the actor. Born in Canada in 1956, Bruce celebrates his birthday on 12 August. He grew up and attended school in Canada. It was only in 1983 that the 5 feet 11 inches tall actor moved to the USA. He relocated to Los Angeles, the USA, to pursue his acting career.

Bruce is a popular name for his hit movies like ‘Star Trek,’ ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets,’ and ‘Double Jeopardy.’ He has acted not only in the hit feature movies but also in many popular television series. From the acting career that started in 1979, Bruce has earned popularity and a vast amount of wealth. After successfully completing more than four decades in the film industry, he has made a decent living. Bruce Greenwood has a net worth of $10 million.

Susan Devlin Daughter Breana Chloe Greenwood

Susan and her actor husband have given birth to a beautiful daughter. However, like her mother’s, information about her for the public is unavailable. There is no record of the birthday, education, and relationship status of the daughter of Susan. Thank goodness that we know her name to be Breana Chloe Greenwood!

The Greenwood family seems to be the one who keeps family information a strictly private affair unless it has to go public.

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