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Suzi Egli (Jack Hanna wife) Age, Bio and Wiki 

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Suzi Egli in her young age

Jack Hanna has been married to his better half Suzi Egli for 50 years. Just like her husband, Suzi is also an animal lover and a wildlife conservationist. Jack Hanna, the producer of the “Into the Wild” documentary series (2000 to 2020), has found his soul mate. Unfortunately, this very kind-hearted man was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in April of 2021. Let’s dig into their personal life.

Who is Suzi Egli? Wiki

Suzi Egli, the wife of Jack Hanna, also works for the welfare of the animals. She is a media personality who appears in her husband’s film. Along with a wildlife conservation officer, Suzi is also a philanthropist and volunteer worker. The couple travels to the remote land and huge forest in Africa to learn about different wild animal species and get exclusive content for their film.

Suzi was born in New Jersey but mostly spend her life in Ohio. After graduating from Physical education and health, Egli changed her carrier to a new path. This Muskingum University graduate completed her education in 1969. She was her university cheerleader caption.

Muskingum University’s website wrote that Suzi is an inspiring model for everyone to dedicate their lives to the service of others.

Suzi Egli smiling with zebra
Wildlife conservationist, Suzi Egli

How old is Suzi Egli? Birthday

Currently, 73, Suze was born on the 10th of July, 1947, as Suzanne Egli. Egli’s birthday is on the 10th of July. She was born in Wyckoff, New Jersey.

Jack and Suzi had the cutest love story possible. The two first met in Ohio when they were both studying at Muskingum University in Ohio. He liked Suzi from their first meeting. Every time they met, Jack used to talk about animals, especially his “Pet Donkey.” In a short time, Suzi and jack realized that they wish to live together. The two were married before their graduation in December of 1968.

After marriage, they traveled together and filmed their journey. They visited Africa forty times and whet to all seven continents at least two times. Basically, they explored the world holding each other’s hands. Jack and Suzi faced the giant mountain gorillas and the Rwandan wildlife together. Suzi has been featured in “Wild Countdown” and “Into the Wild” documentary. Everything Jack has achieved; his wife has an equal contribution.

About Suzi Egli husband, Jack Hanna

Suzi’s husband, Jack Hanna, is the former director of Columbus Zoo from 1978 to 1992. His fame mainly rose from his documentary shows. In recognition of his role in wildlife conservation, Jack got many awards and public appearances. We have even seen him in The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Morning America. He apparated with James Corden and David Letterman, talking about his exciting life. After 40 years of work, Jack had recently retired from his service.

During his retirement, Jack said, “We spend 4 decades in Columbus Zoo and those were the best days of our lives”.

Suzi not only guided her husband in his carrier but still supports Jack when he has Alzheimer’s disease.

Suzi Egli looking happy with her husband, Jack
Wildlife conservationist Suzi Egli and her husband, Jack Hanna

Suzi Egli Children with Jack Hanna 

Suzi and Jack are the proud parents of three children and grandparents of many. In the 50 years of married life, they have been blessed with three children, Kathaleen, Suzanne, and Julie.

Their eldest daughter now lives in the United Kingdom with her children Gabriella and Jack. Suzanne currently resides in her home in Ohio with Billy and their four children. Julie, the youngest kid, has followed the path of her parents, working in Columbus Zoo and educating people about animal rights.

The children of Suzi and Jack are proud of their parents. Mentioning Suzi in one of their social media posts, they wrote,

“Our mom has been with our dad for 53 years in his best and worst time. She is still his rock (and ours too).”

Suzi Egli smiling with her family
Wildlife conservationist Suzi Egli and Former Director Jack Hanna with their daughters

Jack Hanna was diagnosed with dementia.

A while ago, in 2020, Jack Hanna had announced his retirement to the Public. But he didn’t talk about his sickness in this speech. On the 7th of April 2021, their daughter recently shared a post confirming that Jack has been diagnosed with dementia (called Alzheimer’s disease).

Their Twitter account said,

“His health has improved over the past few months but he will still be away from the public life for some time.”

So, we can predict that Jack has had dementia for quite some time now. This wife, Suzi, is still there for her husband, supporting him in his worst condition.

Net Worth

Suzi’s net worth is unknown; however, it is estimated to be in the range of half a million to one million dollars.

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