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Suzy Lu Website, Age, and Biography

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Images of a notable YouTuber, Suzy Lu

While the YouTube community has been competitive in recent days with a growing number of content creators, Suzy Lu has managed to make her identity within the community. She is one prominent lady YouTuber who has been an inspiration to many other who want to pursue their career in YouTube.

After many years of hardships, she has now reached a level where all of us recognize her. However, to let you learn more about her in detail, you have to get through this article about her age, websites, and biography.

Who is Suzy Lu? Early Life

Suzy Lu is a notable YouTuber who has gathered countless fans from her content. She is a well-celebrated personality in the YouTube community. Moreover, the star was born in Torquay, located in Devon, England, but her parents shifted to Scotland while she was just three months old. She has spent her entire childhood in Scotland ever since. In fact, she is still spending her adulthood in the same place. Her parents’ identities are not revealed as of now, but we think she comes from a privileged family.

Age and Birthday

You can wish your favorite YouTuber, Suzy Lu, on October 5. She is currently 31 years of age, as she was born in 1989. She is British but likes to tell everyone that she is Scottish. Furthermore, the YouTube star has an elder brother whom she grew up with, and she mentions that she used to act up jealous of her brother and was a brat back then. She shared her childhood memories in one of her videos and also mentioned that her left eye was blind by birth. In fact, she stated that no one noticed this about her, not even her parents and even her driving instructor.

Youtuber, Suzy Lu
A notable YouTuber, Suzy Lu

Suzy Lu websites

The famous YouTuber has come up with many ideas to engage her fans. She has her website, which is handled by her official team. You can find her merch inside the website, where she sells t-shirts and stickers. Besides, we can see her posting Anime reactions and gaming videos on the site. However, to unlock her VIP exclusive content, including watch along, reactions, discord, you need to subscribe to her website by paying £4.99 per month. Recently, she has made a reaction video about The Human Monster, The Hero’s Return, and The Strongest Hero. Likewise, you can find the gaming reaction video on Final Fantasy VIII, Metal Gear Solid, Nioh 2, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Suzy Lu is dating a boyfriend, Steejo

Suzy Lu has been dating her boyfriend Steejo, who also happens to be a YouTuber. He is a Scottish YouTuber who uploads gaming content on his channel. He plays games like Punch Club: The Dark Fist, Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls, Factorio, and many more. Furthermore, he is 31 years old as he was born on June 9, 1990.

According to Suzy’s Instagram post, the couple has been dating for more than five years now. On the occasion of their 5th anniversary on March 29, 2021, Suzy posted their picture on Instagram and wrote,

“Happy Anniversary my love! 5 years has gone by so fast. I still remember our awkward first date, meeting your family, all our trips and all our adventures. Thank you for being my rock.”

Besides, we can see beautiful chemistry between them as Suzy often posts about him with romantic captions.

Youtuber Suzi Lu with her boyfriend, Steejo
Suzy Lu is dating her boyfriend, Steejo

Net Worth and Career

Suzy embarked on her YouTube content-creating journey on April 6, 2013. In the beginning, she uploaded her gaming videos for several years. However, later she started making reaction videos of famous anime. In fact, these days, she is best known for her reaction videos rather than her gaming videos.

Moreover, the YouTuber is making progress in her career as a YouTube star, and her YouTube channel Suzy Lu alone has a net worth of $390,000, according to Statsmash. However, she has many income sources like her Instagram account. She gets paid promotional of gaming stuff, her website, where she gets paid for offering the VIP content, and her merch by selling apparel and accessories. Hence, her overall net worth might be around $1 million – $2 million.

Suzy Lu Controversies

The YouTuber has a history of a controversy that took place in March of 2019. What actually happened is she was accused of abusing YouTube’s copyright takedown system against a number of other users. Several YouTubers claimed that even mentioning her channel’s name in their videos would result in their videos getting reported under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The controversy went on for a long time, and we could see YouTuber John Swan uploading a video about it even after a year. However, the video was taken down by YouTube as Suzy’s supporters flagged it.

Social Media Activities

Being a YouTuber, you have to be present in mainstream social media to gain fans and supporters. Likewise, Suzy is present in most of the sites with massive followers. Since she is primarily known as a YouTuber, she indeed has colossal 438k subscribers on her channel. Furthermore, on Instagram, she was more than 42k followers, and to engage this massive number of followers, she generally posts her wonderful portrait pictures of her and Steejo. The star is also on Facebook with just 1.5k followers and doesn’t seem to be much active on the platform. Besides, she has recently joined Twitter and has more than 3k followers on the handle.

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