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Suzy Perez Story, Age, son, and Wiki-Biography

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Image of former model, Suzy Perez

Life isn’t always fair, whether you’re a regular person or a superstar. Life has its own plan, and we are simply following it. Suzy Perez is a former model, who received a lot of love during her modeling career, but life did not treat her well, and she ended up in the streets. What happened that turned Suzy’s life upside down? Learn everything here as we have brought you the biography of former supermodel Suzy Perez.

Who is Suzy Perez? Age and Wiki 

Born in the Dominican Republic, Suzy Perez is a former model and dancer who was a significant hit during the 1990s. Her actual age is unclear at the moment; however, we believe she in her early 40s. The model had maintained a high level of anonymity throughout her career; thus, little is known about her early life and parents. She is only recognized for her career and her subsequent life.

Shedding light on her career, her beauty, and modeling skills was something that was admired by millions of people all over the world. The lady always aspired to become a model, so to pursue her career in the path of her dreams, she moved to the United States from her homeland, Dominican Republic.

After some time, she rose to fame and became the most celebrated model in the U.S.A. We found her alluring modeling pictures in some top American magazines. Moreover, she was also seen on some hit music videos of that time. She has worked with some very eminent American stars like Jennifer Lopez. The model was in the path of global recognition, but life hit her hard after she joined a fake masquerading modeling agency. 

What happened to her after that? Read below to find out.

Where is she now? Her Story

Perez is now confined to the streets. Her life on the streets is conspired by the drug (heroin) addiction.

It is tough to trust individuals these days. A single encounter with negative individuals may turn one’s life upside down. A similar thing happened with Suzy. So, what happened with Suzy was that her life took a u-turn after she unknowingly joined a fake modeling agency. The agency drugged her and raped her multiple times. Because of this, she became entirely dependent on the drugs, and her life became no less than hell. Her condition was so worst that people would not believe that she was the same old supermodel.

She had entirely disappeared for several years and was found later in 2019 in the New York streets. Genela Solano recognized her. Upon being discovered, Suzy opened up about her past and explained everything that happened to her. Likewise, she was suffering from several illnesses like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia including mental stress. She was also united with her son. Further, the model also began her journey to come clean, but she could not continue for long, and unfortunately, she is again back in the streets.

So, after all of Suzy’s attempts at sobriety had failed, she was back on the streets.

Suzy Perez in bad condition
Former model and dancer, Suzy Perez

Suzy Perez met her son after a long time

The former model’s reunion with her son would make anyone emotional. She said her son was the nicest thing that had ever happened to her. After three days of being found in the streets, Suzy Perez was reunited with her son after a very long time. As they cried on one other’s shoulders, a big crowd gathered the mother-son duo. After the heartfelt meeting, Suzy told the crowd that she would overcome her addiction and come clean for her son.

 After that, the former model made various attempts to leave drugs and become sober. She was also doing great and was recovering. She even made an Instagram handle and shared her journey. People were encouraging and supporting her. Her son even created a Go Fund Me account for her support. But, while everyone hoped for the former model to be sober soon, her son revealed that Miss Perez was back to the streets. He penned down the sad message via his Twitter and also thanked everyone for their support.

Suzy Perez Partner

Suzy was in a romantic relationship during her modeling days. She even has a son with her partner. But as she disappeared suddenly, the relationship could not continue further. Now, the details on Suzy’s partner and her son’s father are frequently inquired about, but all the details remain behind closed doors.

Net Worth

Miss Perez’s professional earnings were enormous during her modeling days. She had enjoyed the high profile life as a famous model. During the 1990s, her net worth had to be in the millions. However, as of July 2021, her net worth is not even in the hundreds. Now, her existence has been confined to the streets, and she was found to dance and beg in the streets for money and consume leftover street food.

Former Super Model Suzy Height, Weight

The model’s physical attributes are highly praised. She had perfect curves and a decent height. Her well- She had maintained an attractive body shape had been a boon in her entertainment profession. We estimate her height to be at least 5 feet 4 inches based on her photos. And, her body weight used to be about 50-60 kg. However, she now seems to be an entirely different person, having dropped a significant amount of weight. Her previously thick black hair is now barely there as she has adopted an unusual short hairstyle.

Sexiest Suzy Perez in bold look
Former model and dancer, Suzy Perez



Social Media Presence

After being found, Suzy was on the recovery process of coming clean to drugs addiction. During the process, she entered the Instagram platform and shared her recovery journey as well. Her Instagram handle is @therealsuzyperez. But now, she is inactive on the platform as reports claim she is back on the streets due to her addiction. Apart from Instagram, her social media presence on the other platforms is null.

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