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Taina Williams (G Herbo girlfriend) Net Worth: Age, Father, Parents 

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Images of American a model and actress, Taina Williams

Setting own peculiarities is tough for celebrity children. Only a few offspring of celebrities become successful in holding their identity through their fame. Here is the one among them, daughter of Emily B, Taina Williams. Taina came into the spotlight as a young social media activist and succeeded in the path of glamour. We all have heard about the successful actor, but her success story is quite different.

Moreover, Taina is the girlfriend of famous American rapper and songwriter G. Herbo. Know her net worth, her age, and her parents through this review.

Read everything in detail below!

Who is Taina Williams?

Taina Williams is a model and actress from American. The beautiful lady is also a social media leading lady. The Instagram model is also a celebrity daughter of Emily Bustamente, the reality star. Taina is popular as the beloved of G Herbo, a famous rapper. Born in the Dominican Republic, the Willaims family has to move to the US to look for a better job. All her education and carrier was built at United State itself.

Taina is also popular on social media. Her picture looks great in those photos. Besides Instagram, she is also highly active in TikTok. Unfortunately, she is open to the audience and fans only about her boyfriend. Taina likes her, but his personal life, especially her family life hidden from the public.

Taina Williams Net Worth

As of July 2021, Taina has collected a sum net worth of around 6 million USD. Her net worth earnings are mostly from advertisements and brand endorsement on her Instagram, where she has a huge fan following. Taina had started her modeling carrier from Domenica while she was very young, about six years. This bold day has managed to earn a good fortune in such a long carrier and live a luxurious life.

How old is Taina Williams? Age and Birthday

Taina celebrated her birthday on April 1 every year. She took her first breath in the world on April 1, 1998. Currently, Taina Williams is 23 years old.

Who is Taina Williams’s father? Parents 

Taina wished her father in his birthday, saying-

“Happy birthday Daddy, always a daddy little girl”.

Taina Williams is the celebrity daughter of Emily Bustamente, the reality star. Her mother is a Brazilian citizen who gave birth her Taina’s two siblings Gaby and Karla Tosta.

Mother Emily Bustamante 

Emily Bustamante is an American reality star, shoe designer, and celebrity stylish. She has featured in the show, including Chrissy and MR. Jones, Love and hip hop, etc. Emily came into the limelight after her relationship with Fabulous hit the attention of the media. Fabulous is a well-known American rapper.

Emily and her better half, Fabolous, have shared two children Johan Jackson born on February 16, 2008, and Jonas Jackson, born on June 2, 2015.

Emily is a mother to her eldest daughter Taina. Taina was born from a previous relationship with Emily. The actress has rolled in the series Love and Hip hop as a lead role. Moreover, she is a celebrity stylist. Emily started styling when she was 19. Her fashion style is natural, so most celebrities love her styling.

Additionally, Emily is a songwriter and a rapper as well. She is involved in the music industry with the support and guidance of Fabolous. Emily is multitalented and knows many fields of her career. Taina’s mother is established and reputed personnel in her every aspect of their career.

She has successfully collected the sum net worth of $2 million in her career.

Taina Williams smiling with her mother, Emily Bustamente
A model and actress from American, Taina Williams, and her mother, Emily Bustamente

Taina Williams is currently engaged to G Herbo. Kids 

G Herbo and Taina got engaged in December 2020. The couple started dating in 2019. The relationship of Taina with Herbo was confirmed after she posted a picture of them with a lovely caption. The love birds revealed their relationship on new year’s Eve 2019.

Taina gave birth to a child before marriage to G Herbo. The couple welcomed their first child on May 27, 2021. They named the baby boy Essex. Essex’s father, G. Herbo, shared his happiness through Twitter. Taina frequently keeps posting her child’s photo on her Instagram and keeps updating her fans.

Taina Williams with his boyfriend, G Herbo
A versatile songwriter and American rapper, Taina Williams and her boyfriend, G Herbo

Fiance G Herbo 

G Herbo is a versatile songwriter and American rapper from Illinois. Herbo has been working for “Machine Entertainment Group.” Herbo has composed the Mixtapes ‘Ballin Like I’m Kobe’ ‘Welcome to Fazoland’, Strictly 4 My Fans’ and ‘Pistol P Project.’

G Herbo is his Title name. He was formerly famous as Lil Herb. The rapper gained attention from the public after he released the canticle “Kill Shit,” which Herbo composed with Lil Bibby, his rapper cousin. In 2014, G. Herbo released his mixtape for the first time, ‘Welcome to Fazoland.’

On December 26, 2014, the American rapper released his 2nd mixtape ‘Pistol P Project.’ On 26th December 2014. In the year 2015, Herbo rolled as a The following year; he featured as a patron on Faneto (Remix)” track by Chief Keef.

Back to back in 2016, G Herbo made public four songs entitled “Yeah I Know,” “Pull Up,” “Drop,” and “Ain’t Nothing to Me.” In the same year, he also released his fourth album, ‘Strictly 4 My Fans’.

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