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Tamika Fuller (Ludacris Baby Mama) Age, Daughter Cai Bella Bridges, Wiki

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Tamika Fuller with her daughter

Tamika Fuller is the mother of Cai Bella Bridge, the famous daughter of the artist Ludacris. It is not easy to be in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, yet somehow Tamika manages to make it effortless. To know about her life and the messy controversy, go through this article below.

How old is Tamika Fuller? Early Life, Height, and Weight

Tamika Fuller is an American-born Instagramer and entertainer. She is the boss lady and currently is the owner of the company, Beyhive. However, she is not that open when it comes to her personal life. In her younger days, while growing up in a Christian household is very religious. So there is no much information on her childhood. Still, as a third-grader, she was into singing.

Moreover, Tamika is widely recognized as the baby mama of the well-known rapper Ludacris, which we will get on later in this article. The stunning mother is tall at the height of 5ft 5 inches and is fit even after giving birth. She weighs 56kg.

Tamika Fuller Daughter Cai Bella Bridges and Leah.

As mentioned previously, Tamika Fuller is a mother to an eighth years old daughter, Cai Bella Bridges. Many don’t know this, but she has a second child, Leah, apart from a highly known daughter. In her earlier days as a first-time mother was struggling hard. As per reports, she was working as a stripper to feed herself.

But when she gave birth to her child, Tamika started to think through and act responsibly. Motherhood is a challenging task, but it gets even more complicated when you have to do it all alone as a single mother. The same happened to Tamika when the father of her child was not around for about two years.

Similarly, Tamika had to work many shifts as a housekeeper to feed her kids. Eventually, like a strong woman, she managed it all by herself and now has made out from earlier financial troubles. For her, all that matters is her children, and she is doing everything it takes to keep them safe and happy.

Tamika Fuller smiling in white outfit with her daughter
Mother of Cai Bella Bridge, Tamika Fuller

Relationship with Ludacris

Ludacris and Tamika were long-time friends turned into lovers. Their relationship started going downhill when Tamika Fuller became pregnant. According to rumors, the rapper wanted her to give up the baby to protect his reputation. As it was just a fling, the couple never thought it would get serious and be a parent.

Meanwhile, Tamika was already attached to the baby and decided to keep her blood and raise her alone. Things got twisted when Ludacris, upon the birth of his daughter, wanted to get involved. Later it got even worse when he wanted the whole custody.

Timika Fuller Lost Custody of Her Daughter

The custody battle between the two surfaced all over in 2013. As per many media outlets, Ludacris demanded full child custody because of the financial state of Timika. He even went on to say she a gold digger and accused her of bad parenting. At that time, Timika Fuller earned a salary of $800 hundred and was not at the best of her career. However, she was unwilling to give up on her child as a mother, so she tried very hard to fight back. Still, her case wasn’t strong enough, and unfortunately, she lost.

In addition, one of the most heartbreaking things for a parent is to lose their children. The same happened to Fuller; she lost all her calm and blasted over Ludacris. Yet they wanted the same thing, and it was to give their daughter all the love possible. So after a long war, the pair met in between for the sake of their child. Now the ex-lovers are in a speaking term and are co-parenting like a pro. Still, Timaka has only 11 days in a month with her kid as per the court’s order.

 Tamika Fuller in deadlocked hair
Social influencer, Tamika Fuller

Net Worth and Wikipedia

As of now, it sure looks like Tamika Fuller is doing great with her life and has complete control over her money. She is a social influencer and has a full-on company to look after. At the moment, the net worth of Tamika is unknown and is not revealed. It still is more than her previous three-digit salary.

Social Media Activities

The primary source of incoming is the social media for Tamika, and indeed she is working hard on it. Right now, she has 15.8k followers in Instagram, which is pretty impressive. Mainly all her posts are about her children and motherhood. Occasionally, Tamika also captures her incredible lifestyle. She has a Twitter account too, which is in its initial stage.

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